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February 25 2015

Robert Downey Jr tweets new Avengers 2 poster. And teases a big announcement in 8 days. New trailer maybe? Update: Mark Ruffalo tweeted the Hulk poster.

I wonder if the rest of the Avengers actors on Twitter will be tweeting their part of the poster.
That's an improvement.
It be so great if what Simon said happens.

Big Announcement? Maybe it's a official full view of Vision, which have been mostly shaded in the other posters.
Maybe they're announcing that in addition to his Hank Pym work, Tony Stark will be assuming Uncle Ben (great) responsibilities in the MCU.
Im pretty confident Pym will have his hand on the creation of Ultron.
Darkness, I suspect as much.
Countdown / speculation commence.
Joss just commented on why Pym/Ant-Man isn't involved, didn't he?
Huge improvement on previous poster which I found to be on the hideous side of the spectrum. As to announcement - I'm guessing a full blown movie trailer. To date the trailers have been of the teaser/tone type with little actual plot / dialogue so I wouldn't be surprised if they throw in some Avengers actually "talking" stuff. Said trailer may provide fleeting glimpse of Vision without naming him as such
I saw a Vision poster a couple of weeks ago. I think Renner and Ruffalo both posted links on facebook to a bunch of character posters, but now I can't find them, so I wonder if it wasn't a leak.
And I found an article at MovieWeb on the 11th, showing off the posters and claiming that they are unconfirmed international promo art.

ETA: The Iron Man poster on the site is different than the one that RDJ shared.

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Should the new Hulk poster be added to this entry since its still on the front page?
Cheers, I added the link.

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