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February 26 2015

(SPOILER) Age of Ultron ending is "completely unhinged" says Joss Whedon. Another fun set report from last year.

Joss doing 'completely unhinged." Yeah, I'm OK with that.
I find myself lacking the creative ability to imagine an ending created by and described by Joss as unhinged. Has he ever used that description before?
I don't know that Joss ever described it that way, but "unhinged" would be a pretty apt description of the way Cabin in the Woods ended.
Hundreds of the enemy? If the Chitauri are looking at this, they're probably thinking, "get the popcorn. Once is enough." Can it really be two months away?
I think the Ultron army will be alot creepier if they have James Spader's voice coming out of their mouths during the climax. Chitarui didn't really have a personality.
I do hope the "unhinged" reference has more to do with the impact of events on the team (deaths/rifts/epiphanies) than the general mayhem associated with what I'm sure will be a SFX driven conclusion.

To be honest, while I'm THRILLED w/ Ultron as main bad guy, and genuinely excited by the idea of James Spader spouting Joss scripted stuff - the hundreds of robots approach strikes me as awful similar to hundreds of Chitauri, just swapped out pixels, and may lead to "more of the same" feelings from critics and audiences
Will it break the Marvel movie's third act curse? I hope so.
There's a 3rd act curse? I've been enjoying the 3rd acts just fine.
Marvel has certainly gotten some flack for having some essentially repetitive storylines in most of their films, I do get that although based on what I know about this one it sounds like it will break the mold. And let's be honest, this is probably the first time in Marvel Studios' brief history where a filmmaker has had this much say-so in a story, and of course this filmmaker's pretty brilliant so to paraphrase Mal I expect to see something new.
@erendis I thought of CitW later!
@IrrationaliTV, I'm happy for you then.

I personally don't like the bland good vs evil fight, the lack of stakes, the McGuffin, etc...

Even the best Marvel movies like Avengers, Winter Soldier and Guardians crumbled in the third act.
I feel like this is going to outshine the first Avengers movie by a lot, and that's huge because I still think the first one's the greatest superhero movie ever. I'm already feeling pangs of despair that Joss won't be making Avengers 3.

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This topic gave me a smile ear-to-ear. Since when does Joss follow a plan?
It's a genre. Even genre-benders like Joss Whedon has to follow certain rules. But the fact that he says unhinged hints to me that the end deals with the Avengers being unhinged. Maybe, I don't know what goes on with in the Purple Man's mind.
A woman's picture? Like Die Hard? (I'm a woman.)

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