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February 27 2015

Angel's finale brought hell to Earth, and it was beautiful. The AV Club takes a brief look at the message and staying power of Not Fade Away.

Everytime I read something about Not Fade Away, I get chills.
Strange to think this episode is the last piece of the Buffy-verse shown on tv- and as nice as the comics are, it is sad to think of all the tv projects that never made it too production (still hoping for that Ripper series with Tony Head.)
I rewatched it after reading this. I do not regret that decision.

I'm still amazed at Amy and Alexis's ability to get me to tear up multiple rewatches included.
As much as I loved the Buffy series finale, I think I loved this more. It rarely makes the lists as one of the best series finales ever, but it should be on all of them. The message that it ends with, that the battle against evil can't be waged from with the system, but head on; it is ongoing and one/people must do it, not for some reward, or redemption, but simply because it is the right thing to do, is something that elevates it above most other finales.

"Angel" was, at times, imperfect, but it's still above and beyond most television series from any decade. The series outdid (and redeemed) itself in Season 5, and simultaneous served as a next chapter for the Buffyverse.

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