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March 02 2015

Buffy, Angel and Firefly are set to leave Netflix at the start of April. Productivity levels at work are predicted to increase as a result.

That's my main justification for getting Netflix gone. I won't bother now, just wear out the DVDs as usual.
Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if they returned soon. It's an expiration date, so it's a licensing thing and that's the date Netflix's license to stream these expires. I'm willing to bet they'll work a new one out in a little while.
This is why every piece of media I care about, I buy on CD/DVD or as a download.

I don't do Netflix.
I have my Firefly Blu-rays and Buffy and Angel on DVD but I am one of the minority "prefers widescreen" and even though they put Buffy back on 4:3 Angel S1 was still 16:9 so I had reason to care. :(
I have it all on DVD, but it's nice to just turn it on and have it there in the background, like music, while I do other things. It will come back a (though, so far, Serenity has not come back).
Netflix do those things from time to time. I believe Star Trek had gone out of their listings a little bit ago. The only problem is the lack of a bigger advance warning.

But the company president seems a cool funy guy, since his recently video were he jokes and gives the Brazilian 2nd biggest TV Station a lifetime subscription
Amazon Prime must feel really unloved.
Didn't this happen a few years ago and it came back?

It better. Nonetheless, I thought it best to voice my concern to @netflix.

Buffy is my TV show security blanket, I need access to it on all the devices.
People were freaking out earlier this year that Doctor Who was going to be taken down, but they worked out a new licensing agreement and it's still up there. I expect the same thing to happen here (and if not, I have the DVDs).

I have my DVDs and I bought Angel on iTunes but still


I hope that the licensing agreement will be reached again. It's so handy just to throw on an episode when I feel like it.
My guess is this is on a renewable one year contracts that will be renewed the next day. I will be very surprised if they aren't available the next day after this "expiration."
When I watch an episode on Netflix I feel like I'm cheating on my DVDs.
As others mentioned, I'm pretty sure this has happened multiple times now. I doubt they'll be gone for long (if at all).
The license for Serenity comes from a different place, right? Universal Studios, I believe. So, maybe Universal just decided not to renew their license with Netflix or to do so at this time. However, I have learned that Serenity is on HBO GO and will be for the rest of the month. I don't know how long it's been there.
No!!! Don't tell me they are leaving Amazon Prime.
I'm still getting over the Worst Wicked West Wing Withdrawal of 2014.
and I'm way to lazy to walk 12 feet to put in a DVD.
(although that would let me listen to commentary again)
All of you who are upset that Buffy is leaving netflix you should probably be more hopeful than resentful. In case anyone hasn't noticed netflix has had an extremely poor quality copy of Buffy up since the last license went into effect last April 1st. There are missing English translation subtitles for a great many episodes so the audience doesn't understand what is being spoken on screen. Check out "No Place Like Home", "Living Conditions", "The Zeppo", "Get It Done" and you'll see how bad it is. Some episodes like "Entropy" the video quality is so poor and shakey that it is unwatchable. They also eliminated all of the widescreen copies of the episodes for season 4 and up, which used to be nice for us to see the show in widescreen since our DVD's are 4:3. Complaints have done nothing to fix this show over the past year so maybe if a new license goes up netfix will actually get the previous copy of the show that it used to have that didn't have all of these problems. If the show doesn't get put back up then just watch the show on Amazon Prime because they have always had the good copy of the show unlike netflix who downgraded a year ago. Whoever's fault it is I just know it never got fixed. So I am more than happy to watch this second rate lousy copy of Buffy get deleted from the netflix servers.
I just spoke to someone on Twitter who spoke to @Netflixhelps and apparently they are now not being removed.
I doubt they were ever being removed. It was just the end of the automatically renewed contract period.

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