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March 02 2015

(SPOILER) Preview for Buffy Season 10 #13. This'll be out on the 18th.

This plotline is insanely exciting.
This as tightly tied to A&F as some think? I am so behind on that one.
@hann23-There's not much of a concrete tie yet, just some clarity on the differences between New Magic in the world which the Scoobies are dealing with in The Book contrasted with the Old Magic of Magic Town which has linked itself to Nadira. Koh recently showed up in London.

And just speculation at this point what's going on with Spike could be tied to Angel's weird "dream" from #5 and his recent intake of alcohol/insomnia.

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I just happened to stumble upon a write-up yesterday about Christos Gage's work on his 25 issue run of Angel & Faith and his current work on Buffy: Season 10. I'd given up on the Buffy and Angel comics way back during Season 8 and After the Fall because I felt they were hit-and-miss, and when they DID hit they still felt a little too fan fiction-y to me. Then I find out that this guy has been absolutely KILLING it the last few years.

And not just "good for a tie-in/fun if you're a fan" killing it. His work is actually highly acclaimed and mentioned in the same breath as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, Doctor Who: Spare Parts and Robert Shearman's Doctor Who audio dramas as probably the only media tie-ins that are amazing in and of themselves with no previous experience or fandom required. Between yesterday's discovery and now today's news about Drew I feel like Christmas came early for me. Or late because it's March. Either way I have a lot of catching up to do. I can't wait!
Both S10 books are strong. You'll want to keep up with the second run of A & F to follow the leads story after Christos finished with them, and they've already said their will be crossover at some point. To get a feel for Victor's writing before the 2nd run of A & F, check out the Spike: A Dark Place mini. It's good characterization. It starts out a bit strange because it follows a S8 thread at the start and the story is a bit stretched out, but still enjoyable and you see why they put Victor on a main book for S10.

Christos also had a hand in the Willow: Wonderland min which is high fantasy only possible because its comics but they do get into Willow's head fairly well.
I'm liking the way the Xander/Spike friendship has evolved in this series, so realistically. Good job, Nicholas and Christos !

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