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March 28 2004

A plot line for Astonishing X-Men? A columnist mentions that John Cassaday is apparently looking for "Dark Phoenix" trade paperbacks and wonders if this has anything to with Joss Whedon's scripts.

Now I live in Northern Ireland and I was speaking to the owner of my local comic book shop and he was saying that usually they order 150 copies a month for an X-Men title but in regards to Joss' debut he's bumping it up to 250 copies. So if this happening here, who knows what the ordering will be like in the United States.

I blame the clocks changing on this one. Anyway originally I posted a link to an interview which had already been posted. But I noticed an interesting rumour that surfaced on the All The Rage Column.

Buffy = Kitty
Dark Willow = Dark Phoenix
Giles = Professor X?

This has been posted before, but I"m glad to read it again.
Bugger it you're right I'll delete this shortly. That'll teach me not to look through the archives properly.
Found another link. Thought it was interesting.
"Bugger it"!!! Ha! You're adorable.
Man, Am I having fun...

Going on with Simon's Analogies (sp??):
Buffy = Kitty
(That we knew)
Dark Willow = Dark Phoenix
(that we knew also, and it was actually stated during Grave)

I'm really excited that Joss will get to write both Kitty and Emma, but was a little disappointed that he wasn't going to get to write Jean, but maybe from this he'll get the chance to write her.

Giles + Xander (+ Wash) = Beast
(I don't think Professor X will be around, besides cameos in AXM)

WARNING ya', I'm gonna Force a little bit right now...

Maybe we'll see a little bit of old Cordy and maybe Inara in Joss' portrayal of Emma Frost. And maybe Joss'will get Scott to sound sorta like a mix of Angel, Riley and Mal.

Told you that I'd force a little bit in the comment above.

Hope we'll see some great work when May arrives.
Can someone tell me who Dark Phoenix is and what the similarities are between him(?) and Dark Willow? I'm not familiar with X-Men comics.
woman. gains god-like powers. goes crazy with them. eats a star. kills herself. comes back to life.
as for similarities...they both had red hair...the power was an expansion of their potential...and the murdering. beyond that, not much else.
Uhm, did you actually read the comics? There was a lot more else. It was a team of friends who suddenly had to fight one of their own who was still herself, but gone overboard on power and on to the dark side of her humanity. All the same speeches of trying to reach her, to appeal to their love, but the determination to save her but to stop her no matter what.

Then the old mentor of the group coming in when she pretty uch defeated the lot of them and have him fighting a battle that secretly appealed to her inner humanity to bring her 'back'.

That it was the lovable red head of the group was a nice extra, but a lot of the season 6 finale was inspired by that story. The Dark Phoenix joke was there for a reason.

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