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March 02 2015

(SPOILER) Latino Review reports Drew Goddard will write & direct the MCU Spider-Man film. Set for release on July 28, 2017,the new Spider-Man film will be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Take the report as rumor until confirmed but the report has other interesting details which is why I have spoiler warned it.

Not shocking if true, but still very welcome news. Go Goddard!
I hope this is true.It would make so much sense.

1)He was supposed to showrun Daredevil for Marvel and wrote the first two episodes.

2)He left Daredevil to do the Sinister Six spin-off for Sony.

So he already has a prior relationship with Marvel Studios and with Sony.

Plus he's a Whedon alum which doesn't hurt either.
This makes me happy. They had him for S6 and since that was placed on the backburner for the time being, it's good they are giving him the movie that is actually set to come out soon.
I would like a Goddard Spider-Man very much. But I seem to remember being promised other nice things by Latino Review in past "scoops."
That's why I say take it as a rumor for now.Latino Review has gotten things right on some things and wrong on others.

I'm very curious to see if this info might be confirmed on Thursday.Remember last week RDJ teased some big news this Thursday.There is something in the report that makes think that if this is true then this could be the reveal later this week.

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Would be very nice if this turns out to be true.
I hope it's true. I would like that very much.
Yes, I understood the rumor label. I'm not questioning the post. Just waiting before getting my hopes up, is all.
Hollywood Reporter is confirming that Goddard is circling the film, so he's definitely in talks right now.
It's here as well, but who knows where they got it?
Good for Drew. After leaving his dream job at Daredevil and then Sony's reputation imploding and taking The Sinister Six along with it (not to mention MGM's money woes sidelining The Cabin in the Woods for two agonizing years) he TOTALLY deserves this.

It's hard to believe that thirteen years ago the guy that would go on to become one of the greatest and most consistent writers to come out of Mutant Enemy was just a 27 year old kid who sent in spec scripts that impressed Joss so much that he had Marti hire him for Buffy's final season.

That kid who'd never written an episode of television in his life was just sitting by himself in the Buffy offices one day while all the veteran writers were working hard to keep three series running when Joss approached him and asked, "What would you like to write about?" Drew replied, "I'd love to write an Anya story!" And the rest is history. Congratulation's Drew!

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If true, this is not so much a surprise as a relief. I was hoping for this, and it seemed like the kind of thing that might happen, so if indeed it is, that's great. I'm for it, and looking forward to it. If the details are true, I'm in favor of those as well. No origin? Great, and I hope they incorporate Gwen already being gone as well, so the Marc Webb movies work as a sort of basic quasi-origin. New actor? Well, I liked Andrew Garfield a lot in the role, but going younger does make a fair bit of sense (as would going not white for once, but we'll see about that). Kicking it off with Avengers audition? Excellent starting point. This all makes sense to me.
There was word a while back from Devin Faraci at Badass Digest that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios want to avoid doing origin stories from here on out. Every character will now either be introduced in a team-up movie (like Civil War or Avengers) or someone else's solo movie, otherwise their own solo movie will start with them already superheroing.
Both the Hollywood Reporter and Hypable stories say their source is Latino Review. So yes, this rumor all comes back to the LR story posted here.
Hollywood Reporter wouldn't post a story without there being a grain of truth to it. I'd expect the confirmation in a Marvel press release soon. The project is being fast tracked for 2017 so they're going to have to move with everything pretty quickly.

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Please let this be true.
So to recap:

1) Joss is writing/directing Avengers: Age of Ultron (and will reportedly become a member of SHIELD's writing staff).

2) Maurissa and Jed are showrunning Agents of SHIELD. Their writing staff includes Jeffrey Bell and Drew Z. Greenberg.

3) Tara Butters & Michele Fazekas (who showran Dollhouse: Season 2) are showrunning Agent Carter. Their writing staff includes Jose Molina (Firefly).

4) Steven S. DeKnight is showrunning Daredevil. His writing staff includes... Well, anybody's guess really.

5) Drew Goddard is writing/directing Spectacular Spider-Man.

6) James Gunn (who's longtime friends with Joss, had the character Gunn named after him and who's brother guest starred on Angel twice in its first season) is writing and directing the Guardians of the Galaxy movies and, reportedly, overseeing all Marvel's cosmic movies.

Marvelesque has a nice ring to it...

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7) Christos Gage is also currently writing some Spider-Man related books for Marvel, and Victor Gischler wrote for X-Men books as recently as 2012. Those two are currently in charge of the Buffyverse comics while Joss is busy with a Marvel movie.

Seriously, if this is true good for him. And at this point it could almost be Mutant Marvel Enemy.

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This is terrific news, especially as it also contains word that Avi Arad has been booted from having any editorial say so in the upcoming movies. I remain slightly skeptical as I still don't think Sony "gets" Spider-Man or Marvel's approach to world building, but between Feige and Goddard there's perhaps reason for some optimism

Plus ya gotta believe Drew's gonna put in some long phone calls to Joss and run some script/dialogue past him ...
The beauty of this news is Goddard has already written the sequel, THE SINISTER SIX. Rather than discarding the finished script, why not reconfigure it into SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN VS. THE SINISTER SIX and shoot both films back-to-back?

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JesusSavedin01, lol, sometimes when I'm posting articles I wonder how many people think they've accidently walked into superherohype.
"Hollywood Reporter wouldn't post a story without there being a grain of truth to it."

Well yes, but grain of truth does not equal truth. The Hollywood Reporter story is timid at best (they say talks are very early) and outright cites Latino Review. But I agree that hopefully we get an announcement from Sony/Marvel sooner rather than later.
Comic Book Resources deny the rumor

When reached by CBR News, a representative for Drew Goddard denied Latino Review's rumor that he will write and direct Sony's next Spider-Man film, stating Goddard "hasn't met on the title yet.
If this happens, I want to see a Superior Spiderman story in the films at some point.
The latest according to The Hollywood Reporter is that Drew is in very early talks with Marvel/Sony, both sides are strongly interested and Drew will meet with executives today. Whoever leaked this information to Latino Review is clearly very much in the know, if the news leaked this early in the process.

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