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March 02 2015

New Avengers:Age of Ultron trailer to premiere on ABC this Thursday at 10 pm. Is it ok to squee now?

This is probably what RDJ was teasing on twitter last week.

Another couple of trailers and we'll have the entire movie online before May 1.
So promoting it after Scandal, understandable, as they get to reach an audience (the Shondaland one) that probably doesn't watch Agents of SHIELD, though wonder why they didn't try sneak that last week in the middle of the How to Get Away with Murder ("Ben is Glory"... had to make that joke) finale.

Haven't seen the trailer that much in cinemas, last TV ad I saw was during one of Oscars telecast breaks, so at least I haven't seen that much. Bet we'll be seeing a lot more of it for the next two months or so.
Do we suspect there may be some kind of connection between Ben and Glory?
So why not run it with the half-season premiere tonight of AofS?
There could be a plot reason to hold it for a couple days.
So from the promo about the trailer that ran during tonight's AoS, seems like they're partly using it to promote ABC's new show "American Crime", at least that is the impression I got.

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