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March 03 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar is joining Star Wars Rebels' second season. SMG will provide the voice for an undisclosed role.

I miss seeing her in something good...
Very cool news.I didn't watch the Clone Wars but I have been watching this show and really have been enjoying it.Last night had a great season finale that has some interesting set ups for season 2.
Crossing my fingers for a young Leia.
How totally unexpected. And kinda cool, not that I've been watching that show.
I watched some of it, quite good. Bit over my five year's level so I haven't seen it in a while.
You know what needs to happen? SMG in the Marvelesqueverse.
Rebels has a great recurring cast: Peter MacNicol, Brent Spiner, Phil LaMarr, Keith Szarabajka, Selma's David Oyelowo and now Sarah Michelle Gellar and ! The force is strong with this one.
Between hiring SMG and courting Tatiana Maslany and Taron Egerton for the movies, Star Wars is really trying to turn me into a fan.
Not a big surprise seeing as her husband is in the cast! I watched the first few episodes and loved it. It was like Firely met Star Wars, honestly; great atmosphere to it.

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