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March 28 2004

A Buffyesque sidekick for the new Doctor Who ... Davies said that he wanted Doctor Who's latest incarnation to have a Buffy The Vampire Slayer-style right-hand woman.

The article is about the actress hired to portray the role and it looks like the new side kick will also have special powers.

Here's an older article Buffy 'inspires Doctor sidekick'

Billie Piper? Ew.
She might be alright, she got good reviews in that Chaucer remake that was on the BBC recently and I bought her first single, so there goes my credibility.
my god i bought her first single too...i must be shunned
Dr. Who... automatically makes me think of Andrew. Therefore, I'm automatically and affectionately hooked.
I was disappointed that ASH wasn't picked for the role of Doctor Who. I guess they wanted someone younger. Oh, well. I liked Eccleston in 28 days later. I would love to see this show but will we get to see it in the U.S.?
First single? No comment.

As for whether she has the role ... to quote Outpost Gallifrey ...

"21-year-old actress / singer Billie Piper is being touted as "in the running" to play female companion Rose Tyler in the new series according to a news report on BBC News, but according to the BBC (and confirmed by our sources) the role is still quite a long away from being cast. The article (which misidentifies the role as "Rose Taylor") will be "feisty" rather than a traditional companion role. "A screaming girly-style companion is unacceptable nowadays," Davies told BBCi. At this point, the production team has only begun casting and previous reports elsewhere that an announcement was imminent are untrue; we don't expect the actress taking the role to be announced until at least May, and this is likely publicity from the actress' own press agent."
I think they are trying to talk up the role, without understanding either BtVS or the Doctor Who show history.

A 'Buffy type' character, who is a 'sidekick'? That's an oxymoron for sure. Buffy would never be a sidekick, not even to Giles.

And the many characters who have traveled with DW include a few independent girls, as well as the "Scream and scream and hope I get rescued" types.

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