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March 04 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith Season 10 #12. It's the second part of the "United" arc.

Really great storytelling. I'm getting a Ben/Glory vibe from Fred/Illyria though. Nice to enjoy some backstory on Koh and finally know who imprisoned him.
Great issue

Loved the backstory on Koh, getting to see Faith and Fred interact (a rare thing on the TV show), the bar fight, the tease of Illyria's return (I don't want to lose Fred though), and Angel's dramatic entrance in the end. Seeing Fred without Wes is a bit sad:(

Oh, and it was really cute seeing Angel get all clingy and needy with Faith. He really, really missed her. Her line about not playing sidekick to Angel was interesting. I think it's great that she's finding herself and being a bit more independent, but I don't think Angel has ever viewed her as a sidekick. I hope she never really believed that. I think he esteems her more than that. I only bring that up because Faith rarely seems to notice how much people legitimately respect or admire her.
Boy, no one really cares about these comics any more.
It is a shame the interest is so lacklustre, this was a good issue. I thought the most interesting bit was how, to me, Nadira seemed quite threatening around Fred about telling Illyria's memories and then at Angel's look really falsely fronted to back off. The likelihood that Nadira is at least being used in a way that could go bad is pretty equal to the unlikelihood at the end of the season that Zane could issue a statement that no humans were dissected in the making of this season. :D
Finally have my copy of Angel & Faith # 12,"United Part II."

I would have gotten my comics yesterday but Maryland had a snowstorm that pretty much shut everything down and warnings to stay off the roads unless you really had to be out.

I enjoyed the issue a lot.Glad to get Koh's backstory even though having Illyria be behind Koh's being imprisoned and families death was predictable.

Still liked it though.Also loved all the Fred and Angel interactions as well as Angel and Faith.Glad to see Faith will still have her own thing going even though she's reunited with Angel.

I'm also getting the creepy vibe off Nadira.

Thought the cliffhanger was a nice place to end on.Wonder how that talk between Angel and Koh will go.

So a very solid issue IMO.

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