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March 04 2015

Third trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron is now online. Much new footage, dialogue, and an appearance by a new Avenger.

Looks amazing.Love that last shot tease of The Vision.
Can't decide whether I want to watch it or wait for the damn movie.
Does The Vision have an Infinity Stone in his forehead?
Simon - nope that's just his solar powered battery, at least that's what it is in the comics. Depending on who wrote / drew him he shoots a laser from it (or often depicted from his eyes) Though it's certainly not out of the realm of possibility things could be re-written for the movie
So if the Scarlet Witch (is it "the" or just Scarlet...?) is doing something that controls Black Widow, might be she does something to the Hulk and that's why Tony has to put on the Hulk Buster suit...?
The Youtube link starts 34 seconds into the trailer, if someone can fix it (remove everything after the # sign).
Aw no, too late :)

I don't know how I am supposed to wait two months!

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Okay. I know I'm biased, but that looks like one hell of a superhero movie.
Less than two months and counting.
Got my tickets for the first non-3D, non-IMAX, non-migraine show on April 30.
I'd be ok with IMAX but I can't do 3-D, but the two always come as a pair. (Watching 3-D I get dizzy spells after. My brain is, apparently, broke in some way.)

Two whole months? *sigh* Fine.
It looks amazing! I cannot wait until May.
Buying my tickets next week.
All the squees! Practically salivating for this movie.
The 1:08 min mark is just pure comic.
Screw it. I went ahead and bought my tickets tonight. I'm hyped.
I had gift cards to the local movie theater, and also had a discount from my rewards card, so 3 of us are going and it did cost me a thing.
Pre-sales haven't started for me yet, which is weird considering we're getting earlier than the US, they're still busy pre-sellng Insurgent for some reason (was it really such a hit, that it needs a pre-sale?).
"No way we all get through this." says Tony to Cap in this trailer. Eerily similar to the Angel/Spike conversation in Not Fade Away? "Who are you kiddin'? We're not gonna make it through."

And we all know what happened there!!
Man, I can't wait for Joss to do something non-Marvel.
I have to say that my first reaction was, "Oh, another shot of bystanders looking out a restaurant window?"
"Well, you amazingly failed there." Heh. Nice one. And then Vision's eyes at the end. A visually subtle hint at this new character that might save the Avengers, if I were to guess.

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