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March 04 2015

(SPOILER) New behind the scenes video series for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It's called "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Double Agent". The first video features Ming-Na Wen and Jed Whedon.

"Due to rights agreements, we only offer this video to viewers within the United States and its territories."
Not even the Hola plugin seems to get around it.
Yup, wonder if anyone did a recap.
It's 4 minutes long so I'll liveblog it for you guys.
Opening scene: CAR CHASE. Lots of cars. So much product placement. Picture a car ad. Because this is one.

A guy is being chased in fast shiny cars. It doesn't look good for whoever he is. A mission has been compromised.

Now we flash back to a month ago. It also involves showing off a car (some of its inside features). Mister Mastermind (really) is explaining his mission.

Our man (Alex) is to infiltrate the show as a production assistant to meet fans' demand for spoilers, which is apparently as insatiable and shiny-sneaky-secret as actual espionage. Alex is supposed to return with all of the spoilers. All of them. No more waiting. The fans need answers.

I think Marvel may be hinting we're the villains of this piece. It's subtle.

Marvel orientation. Social media and phone blackout. Lanyard acquired from a reluctant Lanyard Permissions Agent (not Patton Oswalt, alas).

Alex meets a very energetic Ming-Na Wen. She asks for help with stuff that may or may not be quick.

It isn't. He holds punch mitts while she hits them with her hands as well as her feet. She kicks him out of frame. There's also yoga. She is way better at tree pose than I am.

Alex flees, tired and a little panicked. You'd think the yoga would have calmed him down more. Also that he'd feel honored to be kicked out of frame by Ming-Na Wen. Alex just throws away really valuable life experiences, apparently.

His next task is to find Jed Whedon and tell him to go to the rehearsal, they're ready for him there. He finds Jed and immediately tries to read what's on Jed's laptop. It's not remotely sneaky. Jed is quick on his feet and also suspicious. But he leaves his bag behind (so trusting), the contents of which Alex will now dishonorably go through and photograph, because his only loyalty is to the spoilers.

Grumpy Cat mug. A hammer-like thing I don't recognize but probably really should. A folder full of SECRETS. A blue head, various versions of the SHIELD logo, something that looks like a uniform shirt or something like it, with a sash? Like tire treads where a sash would be, across a shirt shape. Alex takes photos of everything just before our loyal Lanyard Permissions Agent suspects something's up and comes to check Jed's office for riffraff.

Alex hides under the desk and reports in by phone. From under the desk. The secrets are urgent. The photos were received.

You're supposed to go to the website (same ABC page the video is on) and guess where Alex will go next. They'll reward lucky people with items from the set. The fine print: it's a sweepstakes entry with an entry deadline of 11:59 p.m. ET on 5/13/15. You have two options to pick from to win. It's U.S. only, so I guess for once the geographic limitation on the video makes a kind of sense.

March 18th is the next video.
Thanks Sunfire!!!

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