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March 05 2015

Joss Whedon on Avengers 2 - "I conceived it as a sci-fi horror movie'. This a great Q&A with Digital Spy.

Some of the comments from the interview have been seen before.

My morning eyes read that as "I was conceived at a sci-fi horror movie" which would be a little different, I guess.
My feelings about Joss remarks on terror are a little on the doubt realm. I loved Cabin ITW, bt it wasn't "the horror movie to end all the others". Scream did a better work in explaining/ breaking the fourth wall. Obviously, just MHO.
Re: "The horror movie to end all others"...

I was thinking about this the other day. Perhaps he meant it literally -- not metaphorically -- in the movie's world: Cabin concludes with the world ending at the hands of TPTB, so that would (a) destroy all movies in that world and (b) prevent the creation of any new movies. Thus... "ending" movies in that cinematic universe.
Yeah, I think the original quote was "the horror movie to end all others... literally", which is dead on the mark with SteveP's theory.
That's how I interpreted that comment too. If you take the idea that the organisation sacrificing people to the Ancient Ones is how all horror scenarios are created, then the film shows us the final scenario when the system went wrong and destroyed itself. No more stock narratives, no more world.

I'm excited by this comment about Age of Ultron. I'm not expecting to be frightened like I would be in a horror movie, but I love the idea of using sci-fi technological dread as the crisis in a superhero movie.

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