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March 05 2015

Sarah Michelle Gellar discusses why there won't be a Buffy reunion movie. ""What people don't realize-they forget Buffy was a failed movie," Gellar, the No Kid Hungry spokesperson, says... "Buffy didn't work as a movie.""

Buffy didn't work as a movie because of a director who didn't understand the tone of the script and what made it work. That doesn't mean it couldn't work as a movie.

That said, I don't need a Buffy movie. Buffy ended and it ended well. Even with Joss and these actors it wouldn't be the same thing. Not to state the obvious, but they're old now and vampires don't age.
I don't know if I need it or not, but I'm sure it will happen in the next 10 years and, if Joss do not have the show's rights very tight, a reboot o the series as well.
Even if there is a reboot of some sort, BCM, that doesn't mean there will a reunion. That is what she is addressing/gracefully saying "hell, no!" to. :)
Sarah: "I'm a little old"

Me: *facepalm*

Do we want a new Buffy movie? I do not. But not for her reason. Problem is, there are comics and books out there. Where do you go from there to even make a movie?

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Joss has said in the past that if he makes a Buffy and/or Angel feature film the Dark Horse/IDW continuity would be completely thrown out. Now that I've learned about all the amazing things Christos Gage has been doing with the characters and 'verse for the past four years I really, really don't want that to happen.
What I would love to see is Joss remake the original movie. His words, his vision, etc. I would think it would have to be rewritten for 2010's sensibilities but a brand new high school Buffy written and directed by the man himself? I'm there!
This has been Sarah's standard answer each of the 107,000 times she's been asked about a Buffy reunion movie.

Translation: "Nope, I still don't want to play Buffy again."

They really should leave her alone already.
It's her most defining and successful role to date; she's going to be asked that question for the rest of her career I would imagine. She's clearly got no interest, which is fine - I wouldn't want to go back and do a job I did 12 years ago either. At least she's being gentle enough to have an (albeit weak) excuse rather than just saying "No, I will never do another Buffy."

That being said, I trust in Joss enough that if need be, he'd fine a good phlebotinumy reason to navigate around the comic's plots and the vampire aging (Angel spent a year in a hell dimension and it made him look 15 years older?)
IMO, it did work as a movie. It may not have lived up to the expectations of the screenwriter. There may have been difficulties with certain cast members, and artistic differences with the producers and director. Doing 7 seasons, or well more than 100 hours of storytelling, obviously provides for a lot more depth and range than a 90-minute film ever could.

Had the movie truly failed, I doubt anyone would have been interested in trying it again as a TV show (even a young-skewing network that was desperate for content). And I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have bothered tuning in to that first broadcast if I'd felt that the movie was a failure. So I'm very thankful that the movie did not fail.


Budget: $ 7,000,000 (estimated)
Gross: $16,624,456 (USA)
I actually liked the movie. The last time I watched it I compared it to Joss's script, and it really is mostly there. The only parts that are really detrimental are Merrick's parts that Sutherland re-wrote (screwing up the whole Watcher mythology in the process) and the death scenes of the two main vampires.
I think it would be a great movie. All the Scoobs older, weary but still dedicated... bringing in new blood, so to speak. Buffy could still be HeadSlayerinCharge, but devoting more time to recruiting for the good fight.

I'd love to see the gang with a few wrinkles and battle scars. And I just can't fathom turning up my nose to what I imagine Joss could do with the story, given the chance. It would be amazing, but only if the original cast were involved. Even those, like Marsters, who has obviously aged and who's character wasn't supposed to, could explain it away with a Shanshu or they could easily use movie magic to de-age him a little.
You gotta hand it to Sarah for always responding to this so gracefully. Lord only knows how many times she has been asked this question! This question and "Will Firefly continue?" are the top most repetitive! haha
I understand SMG's reasoning and thought it was a very nice way to respond to the question.

I really don't think a remake (or reunion) of Buffy in movie form will ever happen but ever since I watched (and loved, despite the fact that I loathe re-makes) the rebooted Star Trek movie, I'm going to go with "Never Say Never".

Cause you never know. :)
Don't want a Buffy film, reboot or otherwise. I'd far rather see Fray or any other new creation from Joss. Buffy ended well. We should leave it at that.
Poor Sarah, she has to dodge that question on a regular basis. That said, I was a big fan of the original movie, which I went to see to the theatre when I was 12 or 13 and loved it so much that when the TV show started I just couldn't accept the knew characters and that prevented me for getting into the show until it was off the air. My loss!
Maybe she should write a book called "I am Not Buffy" !
Malformed:- Hahahah! I was just thinking that this is what it was like for the Star Trek cast a good decade or so after the show wrapped up. But then I guess the movies happened and they all got a new lease of life on it..
What about an animated movie? We have reached the point where we can make actors appear whatever age we want them to. It just depends on how much effort you want to put into the production and what animation style you want to go with, like ultra realistic or cartoony or something between the two.
I don't know that I even want Joss to make a movie, animated project or reboot himself at this point. The franchises that thrive (Star Trek, Doctor Who, golden era Simpsons, etc.) tend to do so because new showrunners and directors come on board with new, risky and ultimately rewarding ideas.

It's when a major creative voice stays on too long or comes back because they don't know how to let go that bad things tend to happen (Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek: The Motion Picture and The Next Generation: Seasons 1-2, Michael Piller's Star Trek: Insurrection and Deep Space Nine: Seasons 1-2, George Lucas' Star Wars prequels, Al Jean's The Simpsons: Seasons 13-26+, the majority of Joss' Buffy: Season 8, etc.).

I think (Season 8 aside) that Joss' approach has been absolutely the right approach. He's created new worlds (and worked in Marvel's world) while allowing fresh creative voices explore his old ones. I mean he hasn't been the showrunner of a Buffyverse show (or any other show for that matter) since stepping down at the end of Buffy: Season 5. Instead he's stayed on to either guest write (like on Angel's first season and Marti Noxon's Buffy:Seasons 6-7) or as just another member of writing staff throwing his ideas out there to the showrunner who can take them or leave them.

We've gotten a ton of gold as a fandom with the latter approach. David Greenwalt's Angel: Seasons 2-3, Jeffrey Bell's Angel: Seasons 4-5 and Christos Gage's Angel & Faith: Season 9 and Buffy: Season 10 were all created this way. The showrunners sat in a room with Joss and a group of really talented writers and they all threw ideas back and forth and brainstormed their way through a creative writing jam session. At the end Greenwalt, Bell and Gage were free to use (and not use) whatever they wanted. This is the approach I'd like to see Joss continue to take in the future.

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I could imagine them doing a Children In Need special with Joss and the Buffy cast. I'll bet everyone, even Sarah would be on board if it was clearly a one-shot done for charity.
tomg, a $7m budget and a $16m gross looks fine on the face of it, but reported film budgets do not include prints & advertising costs and studios typically only receive about 50% of the total worldwide grosses on a film (theaters and distributors need their cut too). So I'd be very surprised if Fox made even a dollar of profit on the film during its theatrical run. Maybe it did well on home video. Maybe Joss is a good schmoozer. I'm just thankful Fox took a chance and let Joss make the TV series!
Yeah, the movie probably wasn't even close to profitable until several years of home video and TV sales occurred. And it's initial home video release would have been on VHS which had horrible margins. So on a financial basis, it might (MIGHT) have broke even if you ignore the fact that the investment was many years before any profits. Anyone would be well within their rights to consider it an abject failure financially.

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Which is why the Kuzuis and Sandollar were willing to sell the TV rights to Joss for a reasonable price.
Why do we have to have the original vampires? That is canon, that vampires don't age. But the original gang does so focus on them. Their families, friends, children. Buffy could be a soccer mom after all, and her young daughter feels the call.

Yes, Sarah may be too old to play the original Buffy, but she can certainly play the original Slayer. And pass that on to her daughter, and the next generation. It would be a wonderful movie, especially, if directed by Joss.
At this point, I'd rather see new worlds/characters from Joss, instead of revisiting the old ones. And I get the sense from his recent interview comments that he'd prefer to do new things. (Could this mean Wastelanders might still happen? Maybe? Please?)

If he ever does revisit the Buffyverse, though, I hope it's in the form of a Fray movie trilogy. Or, failing that, a Fray sequel in comic book form. I'd love to see where her story goes next.
I stopped following the comic books so my idea of the Buffy canon stops after Season 7, but I don't see why anyone has to reboot Buffy. Why not create something about another slayer? There are as many new stories to tell as there are new characters. Or if you don't want to conflict with the comics' continuity, you can simply set it in any year before Buffy was called.
I may be the one person in the world who fully supports a Buffy reboot. There is absolutely no way we'll ever get a reunion movie with the same actors and continuity.

Anyone that wants Buffy on screens again needs to get comfortable with the idea of a reboot, especially in light of successful ones like Nikita, Dredd 3d, J.J. Abrams Star Trek, etc.

It's not like there aren't directors or show runners out there smart enough to make it work. It wouldn't be Whedon's Buffy, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be good.

I wouldn't mind seeing a Guillermo del Toro Buffy, or a James Gunn Buffy.

I don't know why people, including Joss, find the idea of a reboot so offensive.

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I'm cool with it too. And with the rich world that Joss, David Greenwalt, Jeffrey Bell and Christos Gage have crafted over the last 18 years I think a spin-off and/or reboot without Joss' involvement is sort of inevitable at this point. I look at that as a good thing though.

It's like Star Trek after Gene Roddenberry's and Gene L. Coon's runs as well as Nicholas Meyer's and Leonard Nimoy's movies. Or Doctor Who after Terrance Dicks', Robert Holmes', Douglas Adams' and Andrew Cartmel's runs. There was already a ton of classic stories from several talented artists, and they just sort of grew beyond being just "a show" or just "a franchise". They took on a life of their own and thrived well past their creators' lifetimes.

Someday, whether it's five years from now or twenty-five, someone who's a massive fan of this world IS going to create more stories set in it. Whether they're good or not is another story. That's the thing about franchises though: sometimes a few people have to break a few eggs before someone else comes along and makes another tasty omelet.

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I am also totally good with a reboot. A couple of years ago I was more emotionally invested (obsessed) so I would have been upset by it but I'd honestly be fine with it now. I would go see it. Also, I enjoyed the movie.
I'd go on the record as saying I liked the Buffy movie. All the stuff I found out about later I just had to filter out as best I could. And not to dredge up the bad/mad feelings some of the fandom had when the last reboot reared its head (2010), I think it was reasonable for Joss, if he indeed was, to be a bit sore about not even being consulted. Because that's the business side. He doesn't own the rights to make a film. On the artistic side, another Buffy movie not helmed by Joss would most probably only be successful because of all the work he poured into the series; now a high-profile brand, a success story. A thank you to him would have been nice.

So, a film without his involvement, to me, would never feel right, he is so synonymous with every aspect of what made it a righteous work of art. Whatever happens down the road will happen. I hope when and if it does, it's on the side of the road I'm cheering for.
I would LOVE to see a Fray movie trilogy! Imagine how spectacular could it be! It could even have appearances of some Buffy characters..First movie: Buffy (time travel, dream..whatever will work) and Willow/Dark Willow..Second movie with Drusilla and Spike visiting Frayworld? Ahhhhh, I love the idea! The third movie with a special appearance of Illyria who joins Harth! Ahh, Joss, do it, do it, do it! <3
I believe some gests wold be very easy to fit in the story, [b]angevil[/b], especially since Melaka's sister was draw to resembles Buffy ( my choice would be bringuing Kristy Swanson to pla the character) and it is said that some witch was the responsible for the end of magic, so, Willow could fit in a flashback.
Aren't reunion shows usually bad? I spend the first half annoyed because the explanation for what they've been doing since we last saw them isn't satisfying. It's not that they're doing it wrong, it's just that they have to expend a lot of time on setting up the new status quo and explaining how we got there from the old status quo. Reunion shows usually feel like pilots for a series revival that's never going to happen.

There have been exceptions, but even the good ones usually leave me feeling like the fun was just starting when it ended.
I wish she'd just say, "I loved Buffy. I STILL love Buffy. But I don't want to play her again."

"It didn't work as a movie," is the most BS answer EVER. Buffy didn't work as a movie because everyone involved in the movie didn't understand what Joss Whedon was going for, and for what it's worth, the movie didn't have the great array of side characters like the show had.
1000% agreed Willowy...

I think it would be a great movie. All the Scoobs older, weary but still dedicated... bringing in new blood, so to speak. Buffy could still be HeadSlayerinCharge, but devoting more time to recruiting for the good fight.

I'd love to see the gang with a few wrinkles and battle scars. And I just can't fathom turning up my nose to what I imagine Joss could do with the story, given the chance. It would be amazing, but only if the original cast were involved. Even those, like Marsters, who has obviously aged and who's character wasn't supposed to, could explain it away with a Shanshu or they could easily use movie magic to de-age him a little.

I don't even care about a movie (big screen) at this point. As I've repeatedly posted I want the telemovies that have been thrown around since 2005 (e.g. Ripper, Spike, etc...). Something, just something!

I would be willing to bet that by the time my daughters are old enough (one and three years old currently) to see a new Buffy series it will have been rebooted, with or without Joss. This will provide the opportunity to dust off the old DVD (or eventual Blue Ray) set and show them what real Drama/Comedy/Horror is all about.

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