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March 06 2015

Buffyverse comic book writer Christos Gage is writing for Marvel/Netflix Daredevil. In addition, his wife is also writing for the series.

Buffy writer Doug Petrie is as well.

Good for him!

At this point I almost have to wonder whether Marvel is deliberately trying to take over this place by hiring so many people with Whedon connections.

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Well, if that were the case, we'd have to start calling this place MARVELesque.


That was supposed to be sarcastic, but I said it aloud and it does have a nifty ring to it.

Ahem. *looks around*

--running away now--

Jane Espenson already works/ed(not sure) for Disney, can we see her get in on some of this action?
@eddy I would *love* for Jane to write an episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
Once again Joss being close with Kevin Feige pays dividends for our fandom. It's hard to believe it all started just five years ago with Chris Hemsworth.

As someone who just found out about the amazing quality of Gage's Buffy and Angel work a few days ago (and has been wikia-ing the crap out of it ever since while also reading every preview I can gets my hands on) I'm really excited about this.

It's great to see Petrie back in the mix too. I'd kind of crossed him, Tim Minear, David Greenwalt, Jane Espenson and Ben Edlund off my SHIELD/Agent Carter/Daredevil wishlist on account of them already being writers and/or showrunners on other series. It's nice to know that's not entirely the case.

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Eh, I'm really not happy with Gages comics and most hardcore fans I know feel similar. The writing is just so flat and one-dimensional and his characterisation is borderline OOC. Far too much hugging, characters telling the readers how much they've grown and being so self-aware they've lost all believability, the themes are driven into us like a sledge-hammer, and it's so nauseatingly sweet that my teeth hurt. I loved BTVS not only for its complexity but for its sharp wit, snarky dialogue, dark humour and the way it balanced drama by poking fun at itself. I don't see any of that in Gage's writing whatsoever and it's pretty much killed my enthusiasm for the comics completely. They're not a trainwreck but it's not a proper continuation of the tone of the show and it sorely lacks the depth that made BTVS so highly regarded. It seems like Gage/dark horse are just intent on creating plots to please fans these days (people complained there was not enough Scooby moments so now every issue its drummed into us how much they love each other and are faaaammmilllyy/ people complained there was no Spuffy so now Buffy and Spike are together but without the edge that made them so great etc) but they've lost the balance. Give me the controversy of S8 any day. At least people were passionate about the story back then.

Doesn't mean I won't necessity enjoy his TV writing though.
Huh, I've enjoyed Gage on Buffy. And I loved his A&F season. I suspect all hell is going to break loose amongst the Scoobs.

If anything I'm annoyed that his time will be split and that Marvel is sucking in another cool Whedony writer who could be doing cool nonMarvel things but then I'm selfish.
The Marvel thing is becoming a Whedon thing and that I can get behind. I was never interested in Marvel all that much until Joss joined the team and now it's one of my favorite franchises. I love the work he and Jed and Maurissa have done and it just keeps getting better.

One thing a lot of whedonites don't seem to consider is that even though these characters are established, the Marvel universe writers/producers are telling their own stories.

Plus Joss, David Greenwalt, Jeffrey Bell and Tim Minear have been very open about their influences. They've talked about how Whedon's Buffy: Seasons 2-5 is basically Spider-Man: The Series (a Marvel character soon to be further Mutant Enemy-ed by Drew Goddard), Minear's Firefly is Han Solo: The Series (which ironically is now also owned by Disney) and Greenwalt & Bell's Angel is Batman: The Non-60's-or-Animated Series (granted, with that one you have to squint a little bit more). Joss has also talked about how the Buffy movie and its first season were mashups of Fright Night and Night of the Comet.

Basically Mutant Enemy's been doing cool things with other people's characters since 1997. Astonishing X-Men and The Avengers was just the start of them doing official adaptations instead of awesome bootlegs.

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Eh, I wouldn't go that far JesusSavedIn01. Being influenced by other works does not make something a 'bootleg.' Every tv show/film/etc. is influenced by something else. Also, I can't say I really see a strong connection between Buffy and Spider-Man.
Teenage and twenty-something superhero who struggles to balance saving the world with their social life, responsibilities at school/work and taking care of the single woman that's raising them. Has a penchant for making smartassy jokes during battles and has a tragic problem with allies and loved ones constantly either dying or turning evil. That could describe either Peter Parker or Buffy Summers. Joss himself has occasionaly talked about it in interviews (although Kitty Pryde was his initial inspiration).

And with my use of the word bootleg I didn't mean to imply that Buffy, Angel and Firely are hack job ripoffs because they're absolutely not. Even though they totally wear their influences on their sleeves (although, like I said, a little less so with Angel. I think he keeps his influences in his jacket pocket) Joss, David Greenwalt, Jeffrey Bell, Tim Minear and now Christos Gage have added a TON of original ideas, characters and storylines to the mix.

Everything is influenced by something, but few wear those influences on their sleeves like a badge of honor and actually manage to stand apart as its own wondrous thing in the process. Galaxy Quest (Star Trek), Shaun of the Dead (Romero's Dead films) and The Incredibles (Fantastic Four) are the only ones that are coming to mind right now, although I know there's some more out there.

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Christos Gage is the best comic book writer around just now. I remember his Casualties of War book being the only Civil War story to have Cap and Iron man actually in character and respecting the histories of both characters. So this is very good news indeed..

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Where are these interviews where Joss compares Buffy to Peter Parker? I get the comparisons you've drawn (on a macro level at least), but I have never seen/heard Joss make those comparisons. Sailor Moon is another pop culture character frequently compared to Buffy (both school girls chosen by a watcher-type figure to fight the forces of darkness, both use jokes/catch phrases in battle, both have boyfriends who turn evil, etc.).
I forget the exact interview, but it was brought up in the context of Joss' childhood love for Marvel and how it's directly reflected in his own works (i.e. not the other Mutant Enemy writers'): Buffy the Vampire Slayer = Spider-Man --> Fray = Spider-Man 2099 --> Astonishing X-Men --> Runaways: Dead End Kids (continuing a series he was a fan and supporter of, while exploring some of the Marvel universe's past) --> The Avengers. And then Dr. Horrible was his subversive deconstruction of the Marvel world he loved by making the villain the hero with mundane laundromat-related relationship issues and Captain Hammer a violent, arrogant jerk. The interview had to be within the last 4-5 years because The Avengers was a part of the conversation.

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Ok, I have no beef against Marvel. Agent Carter is my new favorite show right now and it's a Marvel product. I would follow Peggy wherever she goes. I love her.

And yes, without a doubt many of Joss's characters are echoing, rebooting, and building on previous characters. But I also enjoy seeing the Whedony team, who are not currently writing my slayer, out and about and showing up on other projects, like Jane Espenson on OUAT. I do think Marvel is shrewd to go with the Whedony team. Good writers follow Joss. Or something.

i just want to keep Gage on Buffy because I am enjoying his story and especially how he is spending so much time on the characters interacting. I enjoyed Chambliss's work when he was solely on Buffy but he was pretty quickly snatched up by the OUAT team and then I felt like it wasn't as consistent. Maybe my timing is wrong though.

I feel protective of my Buffy comic writers.

I really do believe that Gage is building up one giant fall.
The good news is not only does Daredevil have less episodes per season (so Gage should be writing less TV episodes than Chambliss did), but all thirteen episodes of Daredevil have already been written, shot and edited for release April 10th. Going by the reviews I've seen Gage didn't miss a beat while writing Angel & Faith and/or Buffy concurrently to writing for Daredevil.

He seems to be planning on staying on the Buffyverse comics longterm (or at they very least finishing his 30 issues Buffy) given this conversation he had on Twitter yesterday:

"Ashley Corkill ‏@soaringclaws: '@Christosgage You're not leaving the Buffy comics though, right?! I would be so sad!'

Christos Gage ‏@Christosgage: '@soaringclaws Oh hell no, I'm not leaving Buffy. I will stop writing comics when they pry them from my cold dead hands!'"

By the way, I'm loving the Mutant Enemy takeover of Marvel Studios too. Not only are they doing great work (except for the first 2/3 of SHIELD: Season 1, but that was mostly due to waiting out The Winter Soldier's release), but has finally answered my decade long question of, "What would a Buffyverse demon look like with an actual budget?" The answer: freakin' amazing is what!

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I remember reading the Spider-Man and Kitty Pryde inspiration too but I'd be hard pressed to find you a quote or interview. Joss obviously has taken alot of inspiration from comics but also shakespeare and literary novels.
Gage's Angel & Faith was fantastic last season. I'm enjoying his Buffy this season... I think he has "the voice" down as well as anyone short of Joss himself. I do agree that there's an odd amount of feel-good stuff this season, but that might just be so it hurts more when the boom gets lowered.
Christos just announced on Twitter that there are two other Daredevil writers that haven't been revealed yet:

"Christos Gage ‏@Christosgage: @CBR Thanks! FYI two of our writers aren't at the WGA panel due to other commitments so have yet to be named. & of course Drew Goddard!"

*crosses fingers* Ben Edlund and Tim Minear! Ben Edlund and Tim Minear!!

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I tweeted this not too long ago: Once upon a time, Joss Whedon and Stephen Moffat wrote a show together. It only lasted one episode, because the universe imploded from the awesomeness.

Seriously, though, I have no issue with Joss helming the MCU forever and ever, amen. He's tearing it up, imho. He's getting the best actors playing the characters, and the writing is, well, Whedonesque. You know, what Joss is famous for. :)

I'd kill to see Joss write an ep or two of Doctor Who, though, seriously.

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