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"Too much hair!"
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March 08 2015

The Avengers celebrate victory over Ultron in this SNL sketch. Featuring Chris Hemsworth as Thor.

"The bit covered all the superheroes..."
Uh no. Black Widow anyone? Also Hawkeye.
Why is it again Joss feels the need to keep writing those powerful female characters?
Was waiting for them but nothing. Stange since I remember previous snl episode where they were represented.
Outside the USA you can see it here.
Thanks for the link, mr_waterproof.
Great way to mark International Women's Day. Ignore the one female superhero in the most major blockbuster comic book movie ever.
There's a woman Avenger?

Well, there was a mention to Thor's former girlfriend ;)
That line about Jane is interesting. If it's revealed during the movie that they broke up, I'm gonna be waiting the whole rest of the movie to see Hulk eat somebody.

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