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March 09 2015

20 of the most hardcore sci-fi and fantasy feminist icons. SciFiNow marks yesterday's International Women's Day.

Love love love the Peggy Carter write up. I am not so sure about that Buffy write up though. It's a good list though.
Pretty excellent list, and I realize that they were trying to stick to just 25 women, but I thought for certain that River Song, Amy Pond, and Inara Sera should have been on it. I'm glad that Zöe got a shout out, though.
Barbarella makes the list, but not Xena?

Good point, Andrew.
Woe. I could think of a lot of characters who deserved a mention rather than Barbarella, for crying out loud.

Other than that, I thought it was a pretty good list.
.....where's Ripley? And Sarah Connor?!

I mean, I appreciate the love for Marvel, Whedon, & Rowling women, but those are some major omissions.
.....where's Ripley? And Sarah Connor?!

This is why, when making a list like this, you need to a) not limit yourself to an arbitrary number, and b) get somebody who is familiar with the world before 2005. The only entries earlier than that are Uhura (good choice) and Barbarella (bad choice). This list suffers from the common problem of What's-Hot-Right-Now-itis.

I would have added Xena, Ripley, Sarah Connor... deleted Barbarella, and replaced the fake elf Tauriel with real elf Arwen.

Also Wonder Woman, Emma Peel... and I'm just sticking with the iconic characters here.
I did wonder why Janeway was left off the list. Kids today.
Also, Agent Simmons but not Agent May? I would have added Sky as well. She's turned into a real champ. And Molly Weasley? No. Molly Weasley is a well-used trope of the sweet mother figure who turns into a tiger when her own brood is threatened (but shows no heroism at any other time), which makes for great theater but not a feminist icon.

And Barbarella was a porn icon, not feminist.
As much as I love Agents of SHIELD, none of its characters have risen to the level of "icon" yet. Even though in recent years "iconic" has just become a synonym for "notable."
While this is a good list, as others have noted, it omits Emma Peel (not really sci-fi, but fantasy), Captain Janeway, Xena (also not sci-fi), Ripley, Sarah Connor, Kiera Cameron, plus a handful of others belong on this list. I would say Wonder Woman, but honestly, that show was a snooze-fest. The only thing memorable about it was when Diana Prince did that spinning thing to change into her Wonder Woman garb. I would definitely leave off Barbarella.
Despite the roller-disco outfit, Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman fits the bill as a feminist icon. I believe she was the first superheroine to carry any TV show or movie as the primary star. She was a government secret agent in her cover identity, and after the first season she wasn't even tied to a romantic interest.

Dropping the artificial 20-name limit, here is my initial list. Some names were reluctantly left off not due to lack of qualifications, but due to the fact they're just not well-known enough.

Buffy... the Orphan Black clones... Xena... Emma Peel... Katniss Everdeen... Hermione Granger... Natasha Romanoff... Sarah Jane Smith... Uhura... Kathryn Janeway... Ellen Ripley... Sarah Connor... Galadriel... Dorothy Gale... Daenerys Targaryen... Lara Croft... Kara “Starbuck” Thrace... Michonne... Mulan... Elsa... Nausicaä... Wonder Woman... Princess Leia... Dana Scully... Alice

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