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March 09 2015

Who'd they play best? 12 TV actors and their top roles. Willow Rosenberg vs. Lily Aldrin, via EW Community.

I'm glad to see that it was Willow who got the love. I have to admit, I never got the appreciation for HIMYM. I watched it because it got so much good press here, but aside from Neil Patrick Harris doing magic tricks, the only thing good about the show was the mother, and well, we know how that ended.

Surprised they didn't compare David Boreanaz in Buffy/Angel vs. Bones.
There are several other Whedonverse mentions in the comments: Nathan Fillon, David Boreanaz, Amy Acker. I couldn't get into HIMYM despite my love for Alyson Hannigan and NPH, but it's hard to imagine any character surpassing Willow.
No Nathan Fillon with Mal and Castle?

No David Boreanaz with Angel and Boothe?

What about Bryan Cranston as the Dad from Malcom and the Middle and Walter White?
This is weird because "Who'd they play best" and "top role" are two different things. Alyson Hannigan was older and more experienced when she played Lily, she'd learned more; in addition, comedy is generally harder than drama (although of course she did both on both shows). So on average I'd say her acting was better on HIMYM. But Willow was a much better character; better written, better directed, and with a much greater range of emotions and situations. So Willow was by far the better and more memorable role.

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