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March 10 2015

How well do you remember the Buffy the Vampire Slayer premiere? Take the Buzzfeed test and find out.

I'm ashamed: 7 out of 17. Well. One solution for that. Season 1 marathon!
I got 9. That's probably the hardest Buffy test I've ever taken. And I had to look up what barrettes were.
I got 14. Failed on the sounds in the credits, Angel's first line and the number of vampires staked.
Oh, just 7. And I need to be honest to say that some like SMG's first line were only guesses.
I got 8. Would have gotten 9, but the quiz screwed up one question (Cordelia's friends are Aphrodesia and Aura, not Ora.)
13. But I only remember ONE staking. That wasn't even one of the choices!
I got 14 out of 17, but I guessed a lot of them right and the ones I thought I knew for sure were the ones I got wrong.
I got Nine too. Though it would have been ten if not for that 'Aura, not Ora' one. There were a couple of others though that I realised I actually did know just as I clicked. Probably shouldn't have rushed it. But yeah, This was a tricky one all right. This is like the sort of question session you would get if you chose it as your specialist subject on Mastermind! LOL!
I can't believe I only got 7 right, before taking it I expected to get them all right as I've seen the premiere so many times, I'm going to blame it on the fact I took it not long after I woke up.

*hides in a corner and lives with the shame*
Only 13. Dishonour on me, dishonour on my family.
No worries @Winchester -- I got a pitiful 5. While my memory stinks, please know my love for Buffy is awesome.
My 10 is starting to look pretty respectable. But then I just finished my rewatch with S7 and Angel, so all my most recent memories are irrelevant...
7... but that was before my coffee kicked in. I'm pretty sure I'd get at least a seven otherwise.
I'm actually kind of glad I'm not obsessed enough to know what the first word spoken on Buffy was. (But I do know that Darla was the one who spoke it...sigh.)
I got 15, but I just rewatched the premiere last week. Missed how many vampires were staked and chose sewer lines instead of electrical for Willow's first search. Apparently I wasn't paying close enough attention. :-)
16/17 ... well that was unexpected. I missed the opening sounds question.
Apparently I barely remember it at all.
I got 12, which I thought was really bad till I read this thread. :)

Also, Simon had to look up what barrettes were. rtflmao......
11 and 1/2 out of 17. Think it's time to watch the series again...
12 out of 17. Thought I would do a lot worse though. I usually pretend that When She Was Bad is the pilot and Season 1 doesn't exist.
Was it Aphrodesia, Aura, or Cordelia that asked, "What kind of a name is Buffy?"
After the pilot ended, I remember thinking "Oh, THAT'S what the movie should have been!". And I watched every episode eagerly & with anticipation. If Joss was listed as writer and/or director, I watched even more closely and with greater anticipation.

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