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March 10 2015

18 reasons Buffy the Vampire Slayer was the best show on TV. On the anniversary of the first airing of Buffy, Metro News celebrates some of the things that made it great. The Atlantic has a feature about why the show is so revolutionary.

Good heavens, I got choked up just watching that gif of Anya from The Body. Seriously. Happy Birthday BTVS.
BtVS is all that and then some. :D
Love Buffy, always will
Another thing that I loved about the series were the constant references in almost every episode to events from other episodes, tying the series together structurally and allowing the characters to speak about their lives as real people do.
I love that article. Really put a lot of my feelings in words.
Look out for angry fans of The Wire and Breaking Bad when writing an article like that...especially the fanatical, cult-like Wire fans.

They'll crucify you for calling any other TV show ever made the best show on TV. Omar Comin' Yo!

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