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March 10 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2x12 "Who You Really Are". This episode was written by Drew Greenberg and was directed by Roxann Dawson.

Nice to see a Mutant Enemy alum join the writing staff. Will be interested to see his contributions.
Coolness. Psyched.
I take back some of my "o"s because I read that too fast and thought it was a different Drew. Oops!
Oh, yeah. The Lady Sif 2 episode.
Drew Greenberg is a good writer. Put back those o's.
Nice to have Roxann back on the director chair.
Nebula1400, Well see. ;P (And I didn't take all of them back. Just some.)

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For the other Drew, just wait about a month for Daredevil, as he still wrote the pilot, even though he had to hand producer shoes to DeKnight, afterwards.

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Hey I don't need the subs for that... cool.

Though only the first dude sounded like as someone from Portugal.

[ edited by Numfar PTB on 2015-03-11 02:02 ]
She doesn't seem to be herself.
Hi all!!! Looks like Lady Sif has a concussion.
How does an Asgardian get a cut?
Neither did I, Numfar, and my Portuguese is pretty rudimentary.
Eddie McClintock? Remember skimming through this episode synopsis, but don't recall his name being there. Neat...
I want to go to Portugal, too.
Twitter gets a shout out. Ha.
Ah, it's the thingie from the behind the scenes video.
Pete is a Kree... O_O
Seems like. Also, Pete seems a bit buff...
And he's KreePete. Ha. I kill me.
The thingy looks like a larger version of a bolt from my twins' bunk beds.
Pete!!! Now I am with you all. And didn't Greenberg work on that show?

Good start. I'm concerned.
They're juggling so many different things this week, again. My head is going to be spinning, I can tell, and we're only a few minutes in. Main worry: wtf has Mac so agitated.
Simmons is going to be Skye's arch nemesis.
She's blushing!
Oh May. Me too.
I think Mac's main deal is he's been through something like mind rape and his body was used to inflict violence on his own team. So suddenly being asked to do field work has him deeply uneasy.
I'm not a fan of Simmons being so inflexible but I get where it's coming from.
Adrianne Palicki... wow.....
Ahh! Do the Kree suck brains?
Calling it again. Bobbi and Mack are SWORD.
And it's the sash-thing. The scavenger hunt is complete.
Oops! SkyeQuake!
Much better writing for Sif.
Hoping they are SWORD, and hopefully with that we get Brand, even thought she was introduced in a X-Men book, she was still a Joss creation, hope there's some leeway.
Awwww Skye - it sucks when you get the quakes.
Taking Sif out of the armor helps. Plus, with no memory she gets to be awesome but is less explain-y since she doesn't actually know anything.
In terms of Greenberg, he also wrote the SHIELD episode Face My Enemy this season. I was never a fan of his work on Buffy and Firefly, but that was at the very, very beginning of his professional career. Since then he did great work on Arrow: Season 2. Glad to have him on board.
These two are freaking me out.
I forgot he wrote that earlier episode. These split seasons feel so long.
Did he write Heart of Gold? (Off to check IMDB!)
Oh! Nets! (I don't know why that impressed me.)
Did he just get felled by an electrified net? That's...I hope they have a backup plan.
No, that was Brett Matthews. Greenberg wrote the one where Book is shot and Simon's kidnapped. I liked parts of those episodes, but after reading interviews with Tim and Joss it turned out those parts were re-written and/or added by the two of them late in filming.
Lady Sif, Bobbi and May are the back up plan, maybe?

I liked the net too as it reminded me of Wonder Woman's lasso.
Nice synergy. Daredevil trailer.
Bring me my tiny hammer!
Greenberg wrote "Safe."
Why did they tell Sif her name was Lady Sif? It's so awkward for Bobbi to say it. Her name is Sif! No "lady" always necessary.
That's a ton of exposition crammed into one scene.
Oh great. He's one too.
How many times have they said "abomination"?
OK. That made me forget all about you guys!
Having something done to you doesn't make someone an abomination and it's getting on my nerves.
Yeah. Using "abomination" too many times means Joss didn't read this script!
He doesn't like the word?
An alien warrior, a warrior god, a paranoid grief-stricken scientist and two double agents who may work for SWORD.

This does not look good for our heroine...
Yeah May and Coulson.
JesusSavedIn01 - I'm joining you in NOOOO!!
Yeah Hunter, she didn't mean you.
Hope she led him in there for a reason.
Oh. So that's what that does.
The armor is a good look but cotton is pretty comfy too, Sif.
Wait, who makes decisions based on logic? We do? Humans? hee!
Really? Sif has to be in those wedges? Are shoemakers sadistic men on Asgard as well as Earth?
Aw, May made a joke.
Team Skye and Fitz. Everyone else can suck on a lemon.
Colour me confused. Why is this today one hour earlier?
Poor Skye. Only Fitz is in her corner.
Why are cots in those kinds of cells always so small? Would it kill SHIELD to spring for something just a tad wider?
Most of the Marvel Universe is based in New York City. It just feels right to me that Skye's new digs has the same square footage as a New York apartment.

[ edited by JesusSavedIn01 on 2015-03-11 02:58 ]
I actually sleep on something narrow. That cot looks cozy to me!
I'd be more worried about falling off then nightmares that could cause a quake! ;)
Darkness, Daylight Saving Time started on Sunday.
Dumb Hunter.
Thanks, Sunfire. Three weeks till it starts here. Well, at least that means i got three weeks of getting earlier to bed. Its three in the morning were i live. ;)
Dumb Hunter? Why?

More like scary Mack.
I'm glad they made it obvious Hunter was alive. But uh, what exactly is Mack going to do now?
How do you watch it at 3 a.m. there, Darkness?

So, wait... Where is the Kree guy?
Stuff Hunter in a utility closet and hope no one asks, "Hey Mack, have you seen Hunter?"
The Kree guy is back on Asgard with Sif, who will make sure he makes it back to his homeworld.
Very strong episode tonight.Always enjoy Lady Sif.
@Nebula1400, I guess that it didn't occur to him that Mack might not take his confrontation lightly.
Silly Hunter.

Good episode though not my fav. I liked the Skye moments even though the team's reaction to her situation is fairly awful - save Coulson and Fitz.

Simmons is off the deep end; I hope she finds her way back.
Any ideas what Mack and Bobbi are up to?
Bobbi and Mack can't be SWORD unless they have some kind of secret deal with Fox. SWORD is part of the X-Men property because Joss created it in Astonishing X-Men.

There's no plausible way they can remain part of the team after this, so I'm interested (and scared) to see where they go from here.

Also sad to know that Fitz and Simmons are going to be on opposite sides of the Civil War.
Thanks, JesusSavedIn01. That's what I thought, but wasn't sure.

@NYPinTA: OK. Maybe dumb for not bringing backup, but now Mack is going to have a lot of splainin' to do.

[ edited by Nebula1400 on 2015-03-11 03:08 ]
Also sad to know that Fitz and Simmons are going to be on opposite sides of the Civil War.

I think this could be awesome!
I thought Marvel Studios still had use of SWORD due to its strong SHIELD ties. Kind of like how they can use Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch and Daisy/Quake despite the fact that they're all mutants (in the comics and Fox projects) due to their strong Avengers and/or SHIELD ties.
I find it eye-rolling that Simmons was like "she's my friend!" Fitz knew what was up. They were all looking at Skye like she was to be pitied or dangerous. Simmons wasn't going to be able to get over her paranoia.
"The Kree guy is back on Asgard with Sif, who will make sure he makes it back to his homeworld."

Actually, I'm pretty sure he's joining Loki's collection, along with Lorelai.
I found it a little hard to believe Mack could get the drop on Hunter like that. Didn't Hunter hear literally everyone in the audience going "Look out, Hunter, he's gonna jump you!"
I found it a little hard to believe Mack could get the drop on Hunter like that. Didn't Hunter hear literally everyone in the audience going "Look out, Hunter, he's gonna jump you!"

Well Hunter could have underestimated Mac's hand to hand skills and/or it could have been a trap and Mac is about to get iced.

But aside from that it was a very good episode imo. I thought the writing for Sif was a good bit more nuanced this time around.
Also the Temple is flooded and I bet the Inhumans learn within a few weeks that the Diviners can be detected anyway. That sets up the Terrigen Bomb I suspect. (Unless there is another Temple).
Fitz had become my favorite AoS character. Now he's my even more favorite.
I dunno, even if they have the rights to SWORD, it would be kind of weird to just shove it in the MCU without any setup.
Good enough episode - thought the Bobbi / Mack stuff was most interesting of all of it. Really have no clue what they're up to, although I suspect they're working for Stark somehow - that'd certainly make it easy to tie to Winter Soldier

I didn't see the need for the amnesia angle - would have worked just fine if Sif had come looking for the Kree and asked Son of Coul for assistance. Also - keep my Kree blue. Once everyone knew who he was I didn't see a need to maintain the disguise. I hate when you have all these powerful aliens / powers assembled in a room and it looks like a Gap ad

Liked the Sif "Shut Up!" and the Agent May's ongoing Thor lust. Fitz continues to shine. Really looking forward to Crazy Doc returning next week and getting to heart of Hunter choke out
So....where does Mack go from here to keep his secret? I've obviously been watching too much Breaking Bad because I'm expecting him to get some acid and a plastic tote.
@Eddy They have to move fast. I would say this is resolved as early as next week.
Do they still have the Tiny Kree Hammer of Forgetting? If so, Mack could whack Hunter with it and he'd forget the whole thing. Then Mack would have to come up with some explanation for how that happened, and then hide the hammer so they couldn't just restore Hunter's memory with it... but that would be easier than having to deal with Hunter.

[ edited by AndrewCrossett on 2015-03-11 05:15 ]
Need Vin-Tak's Kree DNA to make the hammer work so that's out imo.
Does anybody know who's really in charge on Asgard now? I mean, *we* know, but does Sif? Does SHIELD?
I think no one in-universe knows that Loki's wearing an Odin suit. I'm sure that won't change until the third and final Thor film.
I think it's less likely SWORD and more likely Secret Avengers, which I keep saying. They're working for Hawkeye and the Avengers. Maria Hill knows all about SHIELD still being operational, and she's in-house and allied with Stark now.

I suspect we'll seeing Renner and Downey on the show this spring, as well as seeing Coulson and whomever else in Age of Ultron.
The question is, why would the Avengers feel the need to go all black-ops in order to get something from Coulson's team? If Maria Hill knows what the real deal is then Tony Stark also knows.

Coulson is not going to respond well to knowing there's yet another couple of moles on his team. Nor should he.
Have a feeling Hunter actually made a plan with Coulson - the meeting we didn't see with Coulson about hiring him on full time had me guessing...

Odin sent Sif to get the Kree? Our Trickster has a Witch and maybe now a Kree (unless Sif does take him home with zero memory - though we know they can bring their memory back - and then he'll remember all about Skye).

I really hope Loki isn't wasting time being undercover with us writing up tails of his plans while he is only being a better king than Odin (not that it'd be hard to do and would make a cool but likely uneventful plot twist).

Loving how fast the story keeps moving.

Can I have my own Fitz please?

[ edited by Mirage on 2015-03-11 16:02 ]
Secret Avengers makes sense. If Civil War is going to be about responsibility, then Tony Stark bankrolling the Avengers and his own secret black ops force because he doesn't think SHIELD deserves to be rebuilt would be extremely fitting and would tie in AOS with Civil War.
So THAT'S why Maria Hill is working for Stark. Get-out-of-jail-free-card my butt. She's the head of Stark's Secret Avengers Initiative.
I kinda wish they had kept Kree-Pete. I like blue.
So, our team has received some new knowledge this week (a lot of which we in the audience already knew)... Kree biotech works on humans, via something called Terragen mist, affecting/altering DNA in measurable ways and imparting new, unpredictable powers. There are 2 known people so affected, Skye/Daisy and Raina, plus who knows how many potentially in, or a source of, danger (I counted six empty Diviner slots in that case, and the audience knows of 2 more: eyeless teleporting guy and whomever he was talking to on the phone).

Given that both the Kree and Asgardians (a) knew at least some of this prior to the events in the episode and (b) regard this situation with a great deal of alarm -- did our stalwart team really send both of them away without seriously pumping them for all the information they had? Yes, Vintak was amnesiaed, but still, couldn't Lady Sif have promised to send back whatever info they could share with Midgard? Did Director Coulson even ask?

Maybe this ignorance plays out in some useful way in a later episode, but it strikes me in the moment as really lazy writing (or lazy characterization perhaps). We're supposed to admire these characters, yet they don't seem to use even the most basic common sense in crucial instances. If this is necessary for the plot, then I'm concerned that we in the audience are being expected to root for some really not-so-smart characters, I guess because that's easier for the writers to come up with than truly smart characters.

Characters acting with good intentions but imperfect knowledge is a given in any show... characters lie, deceive, withhold information for justifiable reasons, then have to confront the consequences, and that's drama (it's also reality). But characters choosing (being written) not to ask for information when they (and we) know it is crucial? Frustrating to me.
@tomg-The empty Diviner slots might be with Eyless/Gordon/Probably Reader and whoever he works for. He seemed surprised another one had been activated. The Diviner we've seen all season that transformed Skye and Raina was first found by random villagers then Whitehall got it and SkyeMom.

I kind of agree on the characters not asking questions. It's still bothers me Coulson didn't pump Fury for information on the alien material in him and Skye at the end of S1 for example.

But in this case I can sort of see why they don't have more info. Sif doesn't know anymore then she already said, as she didn't know the Kree experiments succeeded here. Mind-wiping Kree Guy prevents them from knowing more, but he said the Mist's results were unpredictable. and comic readers know their is no cure or going back for Inhumans who have transformed. Simmons isn't getting what she wants either way. and getting him away from Earth also prevents them from dealing with an alien invasion plot.

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