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March 11 2015

The 30 greatest superhero movies of all time. As voted for by Empire magazine readers. The Avengers comes in at No. 4.

Cool to see Chronicle and Kick Ass in the list, as non standard superheroe movies. I would add Hancock, probably in Rocketeers place, which, to me, was as bad as Alec Baldwin's The Shadow and Kristy Swanson's The Phantom.
Glad to see Blade in there. And I think Guardians of the Galaxy belongs in the top 3 somewhere.
As with anyone else, my order would be different. Captain America: The Winter Soldier would be #1, Avengers would be #2, and Superman 2 would be #3. I think the Dark Knight movies are incredibly overrated, and prefer Tim Burton's take on Batman far more. Also notice that not one of the films listed has a female protagonist.
Second Nebula1400's entire comment with the only exception of Superman 2 at #3 (and that may be mostly because I can't really remember that one).

Cap 2 also tops my list. For me, that's where everything superhero movie got taken to a whole new level. Avengers as no. 2, yes, definitely. Maybe Guardians as no. 3. I also have a lot of love for the first Thor and the third Iron Man. I liked all MCU movies so far. And Raimi's Spider-Man 2, Singer's X-Men 2.

I'm even fond of several superhero movies which are commonly slammed: Spidey 3, Origins: Wolverine, X-Men 3, and the FF movies come to mind. Sure, they're not the best of the bunch, but I don't think any of them deserve the harsh criticism they tend to get.

On the other hand, I can't help myself but cringe whenever I see Dark Knight praised to bits. The first Nolan Batman was pretty good IMO, I also quite liked the third one, but Dark Knight? Some brilliant acting aside, I truly think it's pretty awful!
Lots of people told me that the third Nolan Batman had a lot of small errors, oddities, stupidities, plot holes etc. in it which took them out of the movie. In hindsight, I could see where they were coming from. But for me, it was exactly the same & even more so with its predecessor.
The big thing wrong with this list is that they don't credit the writers,
Nebula, Avengers had a female protagonist (though she was admittedly outnumbered by her male counterparts).

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