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March 11 2015

Support Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion's IndieGogo Project "Con Man". Alan & Nathan are trying to fund their new series "Con Man" through IndiGoGo. The series follows an actor (played by Alan Tudyk) who was once the pilot on cancelled sci-fi series and his trip around the various sci-fi conventions he visits. There's interviews with Alan and Nathan about the project at and

Looks like a bunch of the Whedon Crew are involved, including: Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Seth Green, Felicia Day & James Gunn. We can probably expect a few more to make an appearance before the end.

D'oh. Looks like I was posting the same story at the same time as you! The Whedonesque staff can delete my version.
Oh, *hells* yes. Or maybe yes! *cubed*.

So very much yes.
If Twitter is any indication and Entertainment Weekly (I'm locating the mentioned press release), Sean Maher is involved. And I heard that when Nathan went to visit a fan in the hospital, he talked a little about this project and mentioned Adam might be involved, but I don't have a link for that, so it's hearsay on my part.

But I'm so excited!

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I give it 8 hours tops to reach full funding.

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Bunch of interviews I came across with Alan and Nathan, there's likely to be much more:

Entertainment Weekly
CNET, not really an interview but I'm not exactly sure where the quotes come from because I don't recognize them.
Oh, I think just a few hours more will do it - it's at 41% now, after just a couple of hours, and its viral spread is exponential. At this rate they'll be able to fund as many eps as they want, because I doubt the donating will stop after they hit their goal.

So many people have been waiting for something like this from them for so long. ; ]
Wooot Woot! I'm in but no one asked me my shirt size.

This is going to be fantastic!
Usually when you back something that offers a tshirt, after they've reached their goal and stop taking donations you'll get an email asking.

At first I thought this was for that joke show NF and AT had come up with where they were brothers that repoed stuff. But this sounds hilarious too. In!
Oh, yeah, Tudyk said to IGN, about Sean Maher's and Felicia Day's roles, "I can say Sean Maher is playing a role I wrote called "Sean Maher." So there will be actors who are playing themselves because they are a part of that world. And then there will be people like Felicia Day who will appear in the second and the third episode [...] and she would play an assistant. Each time you go to a convention you're given a volunteer who shadows you and helps you out. So she'll play that assistant for Wray Nerely. And she's very enthusiastic. And ultimately saves the day."
I saw these two together at Philly/Wizard Comic Con and they were hysterical. One of the highlights of all my con experiences. I thought then they had a great comedy routine going.

They are such smarty pants making a show about this stuff.
Oh hell, I wasn't gonna fund actors anymore. Changed my mind.
"you'll also get to stream them as much as you want for 90 Days."

So owning the episodes is a separate state of affairs even if you fund the show?
Another interview from HitFix talking about some more con experiences, this one mentions the series will be focusing more on the smaller cons.

Slightly related, but here's a snippet from November that actually mentions the series and Alan, sort of tongue in cheek, mentioning his directing influences, which include Joss. (Natch!) Hopefully we'll be able to see the mentioned "director baby" of all these people in this webseries.

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Yeah, I wish we could keep the episodes after the 90 days... But oh well, I'm in! And I'm sure they'll get way more than the goal.
Almost 90% to goal.
108% !!

Alan posted on indiegogo:

"Were working on a DVD perk." So there's that.

Honestly, it looks like these guys could get funding to build an *actual* spaceship.
Oh, I finally found the press release. It's quoted in full by Slash Film. It doesn't say anything new because everything else has quoted it already, but I suppose it's nice to know what's in the press release. (Well, if you're like me anyway.)

(I think that's all I'm doing in this thread. Posting interviews?)
"Were working on a DVD perk." ... Ah, I wish they had planned that before... Although most Indiegogo campaings that have DVDs also have the digital download.
That was by far the easiest crowdfunding decision I've ever made. How can this not be hugely entertaining?
What Caroline said.
143% and they just added another stretch goal of $725K for a fifth ep.

They really could build a spaceship if they wanted @QuoterGal.
Make that 148%. We seem to be really good at this. We should buy Fox.
152% last I checked (a minute ago). I wonder if they'll stop the fundraising early if the meet all stretch goals? And I figured DVDs can be expensive to include, so you have to have a bigger initial budget, but since it seems people are keen on this, adding a DVD seems doable...? I'm guessing that is their logic.
@Carnelionne I think this is the closest we'll ever get to Firefly flying again ever. (I say, making myself cry.) Because I'm hoping they include "scenes" from this fictional sci fi show these two were in.)
I think they are including a scene, at least one, because I think they want to show an "unaired episode" of this show (likely in the story of it premiering at a con they visit, I suppose) or something. It's mentioned somewhere in the campaign vid.

ETA: Buzzfeed article has some nice quotes, including Alan seeking (and receiving) Joss' approval and attempting to get a company (production company, presumably) to back it.

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@NYPinTA -- you may be right *biting knuckle*, but I still say we buy Fox. And stomp on it, Dr. Horrible style. Just a thought.
Buying 20th Fox Century to make more Firefly doesn't seem like a sensible plan at all. On the other hand, locking all the Fox executives in a wine cellar and giving the BBC permission to make their Ripper TV movie...
That's a million. In less that twenty-four hours.
I just asked PJ if there was a top amount they'd accept & stop taking contributions & he replied that they had charities to help, but I'm not seeing anything on the campaign page. Anyone else see them and I just missed them?
The topic is on the Bing home page. (I default to there for their images. Don't judge.) But now that I'm on a PC (bigger screen) I went back and looked and I still don't see where the campaign mentions any extra money raised going to any specific charity. Not to be a bug, but I think that is something that should be stated up front so people have the choice to keep kicking in for perks if the money isn't going to the project but to something else. What if it's a charity that potential funders don't normally support? I haven't watched all the videos (no sound). Do they say where the extra money will go there?
I'm not sure what's with that, NYPinTA, perhaps you should request that he clarify and/or make transparent this intention?
I did. He hasn't responded (yet). I asked last night.
So I just went to plunk down some coin, as a trading card nerd I wanted the $150 level and its just... gone. Not sold out, just gone...


Insights anyone???
Go look again, malformed. I just checked and it's there right on top.
It's still there for me, malformed ... perhaps the website was having problems? But it's there now.
I think they probably decided to sponsor some charities when they realized they were going to get way more money than they needed. At this rate they'll have the entire first season funded within the next 24 hours.
"the quickest funded web series of all time on any crowdfunding platform. This was also the fastest series to get to $1million!" (from their most recent update)
Imagine if this was actually for Firefly. Food for thought.
KissingToast, 13 eps of Firefly would take a minimum of $50 million. Might be a stretch.
Definitely think they should be absolutely explicit about what they will do with any money they raise which they don't need, and on the fundraising page itself. They are already at 315% as I type, with 29 days to go. They will easily get a lot more than all the stretch targets so far named. But people may feel differently about donating money to an unnamed charity than giving money to get this made. I know I do. Everyone makes their own decisions about what charities to donate to, and how much to donate, and making a decision to fund a project is a completely different thing.
I would guess it's Kids Need to Read, but, mm, yeah, would prefer it to be clear.
KissingToast, 13 eps of Firefly would take a minimum of $50 million. Might be a stretch.

A stretch goal? =p

So let's say about $4 million per episode then? For three 40-minute episodes, or one two-hour movie, that'd be about $12 million. Veronica Mars raised $5 million in 30 days - I actually reckon an official Firefly backing project could pull it off.
Assuming 20thC would sell you the rights. Ha Ha Ha! An actually that was assuming $10M for the first ep alone and then a lower cost for the remaining 12. Start up and sets etc. are a bitch.

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331% as of this typing. It's gonna reach the 11th ep for the day is out for sure. The last ep will likely be funded by tomorrow.

They really do need to make it transparent where the rest of the money will go that they receive after the last ep is funded.
Assuming 20thC would sell you the rights. Ha Ha Ha! An actually that was assuming $10M for the first ep alone and then a lower cost for the remaining 12. Start up and sets etc. are a bitch.

Well yeah, its all hypothetical even just the chance of getting the seven (nine?) cast members and Joss to have a big enough gap in their schedule to be able to do it is a pipe-dream. But just conjecturally, if all the stars aligned and everything was in place, I do feel like this is an indicator that a kickstarter-y project would be viable for some form of Firefly.
It's not really possible for them to raise too much money for the project. The more money they get, the higher the production values will be. And the more they'll be able to pay their cast and crew above union minimum.

I'm sure donations will slow down once they fund the last episode... but the more they get, the more they can do.
Is there a reason why they can't use it to fund season 2? Or I don't know, may be some actual episodes of Spectrum?
Imagine if indygogo or kickstarter or whatever had been around ten years ago. I can't help but think that Firefly was a decade too late...

It's not going to happen now, of course. But those... those are some numbers. I've done fundraising, grantwriting and all sorts of beginning for money; and I promise you it doesn't work like this.

All for some 10-minute episodes to Tudyk silliness. Don't get me wrong; I can't get me enough Tudyk silliness, but it's not something that can sell a TV comedy short online for those unfamiliar with him.

...although apparently it can. I'll admit it, I threw them some money faster than is lady-like.

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