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March 11 2015

Ratings for last night's episode of Agents of SHIELD. The show got a 1.5/4 in the 18-49 demo.

I am tired of these overnight ratings because last week the ratings went up when the live + 7 ratings came out.
The overnight ratings are meaningless, eddy. Just don't pay any attention.
The ratings always go up in +7. But a drop in the overnights pretty much means a drop in the +7 as well.

A 1.4 rating and 3.73 million viewers. There aren't many positive ways to spin that.
So long as it continues to be a leading hourlong on abc in the demo I think we're in good shape, at least for Season 3. Hoping there's an Ultron bump to round out the season; while they certainly seem more self-contained and less reliant on tie-ins than last season, it can't hurt.
Of course the ratings go up in Live+7. It would be strange if the live viewership plus the viewership of the next seven days would go down from the live viewership.

And overnight ratings are not meaningless. The ratings people care about are the Live+C3, that's the people who watch the commercials in the 3 days after the airing. And those numbers are almost identical to Live+SD (live plus same day), which is currently the most important metric.

Having said that, SHIELD is still in good shape for another season, I think it will be at least a four season show. And hopefully it will go up in the finals.
@Ricardo L. It is my understanding that the C3's are quite often not the same as live + same days. IIRC when we were still
getting the Live + 3's a forum member who sees the C3's for the show said words to the effect that percentage of people who
actually watched the commercials on dvr's was amazingly high. TV by the Numbers for one is spinning the numbers to make
their site seem more vital than it really is. You seem to have bought into their bull.

Without access to the C3's we don't know if the dip last night represents anything at all although it looked to me that everybody
on the major nets went down a lot last night. It may be Spring.
Starting next week AoS will no longer be competing against a second hour of "The Voice," which I'm sure will help somewhat.

But boy, were Marvel and ABC ever expecting a bigger audience than this. It's right about where Dollhouse was in its first season.
TBH I don't think its the competition. Imo its more that the advertisers do not want to pay for the way people actually want to
watch these days. So the whatever is added by the C7 increase over the C3's is ignored. The on air advertisers do not want to pay
full rates for their ads on streaming sevices (Hulu, ABC.Com, etc.) so that is ignored. Really good content will continue to move
towards pay services and the networks will end up as no longer relevant.
C3s aren't the same as L+SD and yes L+SD is meaningless. ABC is not looking at the overnight ratings. Trust me on this.
I don't really know why the broadcast networks make anything other than reality shows and a few formulaic procedurals at this point. The public appetite for them seems to be unlimited. And even a low-rated reality show makes money because it costs virtually nothing to produce.

I think over the next few years 95% of all scripted series will move to cable, on-demand or streaming.
Maybe Netflix will pick up the show when it gets cancelled. We'd be watching the twelfth season of firefly right now if the streaming service market had exploded back then.
Ratings were down for everything on TV last night. No need to picnic. :P
People still have an appetite for dramas, it's just cable and online platforms are doing them better. Aside from the antihero trend, boobs and more swearing, these other platforms are able to take more risk and time as they don't have to appeal to broad audiences. If a cable show regularly scored an 0.5 in the demo it's time to dance on the table.

Anything below a 1.0 on the Big Four is in serious trouble. The problem is networks still have to appeal to the biggest possible audience, so they often lack the subtlety and nuance that attracts cable fans. Recently you can tell when a new network show is "trying to be cable." Even the big awards shows which still have bias against sci-fi and fantasy shows, have focused most of their acclaim away from the networks.

I expected SHIELD (and most things) to drop due to DLS Time anyway, it happens every year. Don't panic people.
I hate to say it, but this might be that rare case where viewers are staying away from a not good show.

I've loved Joss' work as much as anyone, but this isn't his work. This is a show he co-created, and then gave to other people. Hopefully we'll see him take more of a hand n Season 3 now that he's done with Avengers 2 (which he's hinted at).
@JDL They may not be the same, but they are proportional. Whatever the case, it's still the best indicator the general public has of predicting renewal vs cancellation. And you know what? It works.
Would be interesting to know how much the fact that this is basically a long commercial for the Marvel films coming up factors into the renewal decisions, the connection between the movies and the show is an interesting experiment, would probably be even better if more people were watching the tv show though :)

The era of niche tv is definitely here, why watch network'lowest common denominator' shows when the real thing is available somewhere else.
Nothing against NCIS: New Orleans in particular--I don't watch it, though I heart Bakula--but I despair for our nation when all one needs to do to get 12 million weekly viewers is to run Generic Cop Procedural: City. Between two decades of L&O(x5), nearly as much CSI(x4), and nearly that much NCIS(x4), surely there are no crimes left to commit.

Not to mention the real-world damage done by the "CSI effect" on juries, who now too often convict on the shakiest forensic evidence, but acquit on ironclad proof if it's not in the form of a DNA test [grumble mumble GETTOFFA MY LAWN! grumble]

A thought occurs: can we steal Bakula for AoS? And then put him in space on, say, a wacky bilingual ship of fools, perhaps with a vaguely Western theme? And Fillion can totally handle two hour-long lead roles; he can sleep next century.

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I hate to say it, but this might be that rare case where viewers are staying away from a not good show.

Nah, that's not it at all. The show is good. I wouldn't be watching it if it wasn't.

I think it will get a renewal. The only thing that worries me is that if ABC renews it, they're basically committing to two more seasons at least. A show that gets to 66 episodes always has to get to 88 for syndication economics purposes.

So, if the network doubts the show can pull its weight for two more seasons, they might pull the plug now rather than commit to two years of an expensive flop.

It's probably safe with its current ratings, but they'd better not fall much further. They're in season 1 Dollhouse territory as it is.
@LeafOnTheWind- L & O is down to one show and CSI just started a new one, but the original is winding down. Of course their are other procedural like Criminal Minds now, but no show goes on forever.

You can also argue they add on to the unbalanced allowance of violence but restrictions on sex. Hunting down serial killers is okay, but if a woman gets out of bed after sex she has to wrap the whole sheet around her, when in real life she'd probably trip or knock something over, especially in the dark. And who leaves bed sheets on the bathroom floor or all places?

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