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March 11 2015

Firefly Monopoly exists. Firefly Jenga to follow?

Will all the Jenga pieces be pointy on one end and look like Reaver stakes?
Someone should just make Joss Jenga and each piece has the name of a character he's killed etched on it. And players symbolically kill these characters again and again each time they play.
The plan to release more Firefly games than there are are Firefly episodes continues.
What's the tally? Clue, Monopoly, Yahtzee. Was there something else?
There are also two Firefly Role playing games,the Firefly Online game, Firefly the Game:Board Game, Out to the Black Card Game, Firefly:Tall Card, and Firefly:Fistful of Credits Board Game. I assume we're counting the Serenity RPG as a Firefly RPG.

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Firefly Risk would be fun.
Ah, I wasn't counting the the Weis productions or FFO. Are there really two Firefly RolePlaying, one Margaret Weis and one...?And a Serenitys RPG? I didn't know that.
Firefly Risk seems a no brainer. I'd play that too.
I was coming to propose Jaynega, but I think I like NYPinTA's Joss Jenga idea better.
I was counting the Serenity RPG as a Firefly RPG, but it's out of print now. It was written by Jamie Chambers.

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