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March 11 2015

SMG lets her inner princess out. A YouTube "Princess Rap Battle" featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cinderella vs Whitney Avalon as Belle. Some cleverness.

She may not be strange to the character, since her previous voice work, Happily N'Ever After, here in Brazil, got the title "Deu a Louca na Cinderela" (something like "Cinderela is cuckoo").

The Willow line makes me smille too, but was about the tree.
That was a lot of fun. Go SMG!
Nice. Now once more, with feeling!
I kept expecting the Epic Rap Battles of history narrator.
That gave me the best smile in a long time. Love Sarah's acting, wishing to hope she breaks a leg soon!
Please someone write her a good show to star in!!
SMG has huge talent but the Hollywood 'system' just doesn't seem able to find a vehicle for her. I wish she'd come over to the other side of the Atlantic and try something a bit more experimental. Gillian Anderson in "The Fall" showed just how well this can work.
It's tough with her kids. She'd have to move the whole family.

She's too talented. Something will come along.
I'd still love to see her as "Head-Mistress Buffy" in some kind of "next generation slayers" production, one where she could act as a strong woman with natural age and wisdom. Maybe one day she will embrace the role as Nimoy did for his iconic character. I can dream, anyway.
Maybe Joss can write and direct a similar short with her rapping about something silly with Eliza Dushku or Alyson Hannigan. That would be a hoot.
I kinda wish Eliza was playing Belle. Oh well. ;)
Eliza can rymes too
Got to admit I loved the little "Was that Sarah Michelle Geller, I just love her" voice at the end.
Gosh, Sarah is just too talented!! Wishing her the best!

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