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March 12 2015

(SPOILER) Buffyverse Solicitations for June 2015. Buffy #16, Angel & Faith #15 and the Angel & Faith Season 9 Vol. 2 HC are out.

Big month in the Buffyverse.

OMG! Yes! I'm so happy. I've been wanting Angel to return to Ireland since the start of the comic series. Especially now with him being so close. Can't believe it's finally happening.

This makes me so happy!!!!
How are the comics faring?

I was so unbelievably into them during Season 8's entire run through the good and the bad, but I lost interest during Season 9 and wanting to save some money I stopped. The Buffy Season 9 series was kind of a let down for me but I was absolutely LOVING Angel and Faith. Think I'm going to start purchasing the library editions, but I'm just curious to hear non-spoiler thoughts on Season 9 as a whole and Season 10's current quality.
hitnrun017-The Buffy S9 book is generally considered to be the weakest of the bunch. Since you liked Angel & Faith in the beginning you'd probably like the rest of it. The Spike mini had good characterization but was a three issue story stretched to five. Depending on how you view Willow's arc in S7, her Wonderland mini is either redundant or something you've been waiting since S7 to see.

You could probably just read a summary of all of S9 plot points and jump into S10 with New Rules in trade for Buffy, and Where the River Meets the Sea for A & F. I find it entertaining and especially funny when Nick Brendon co-writes the Buffy book, although some feel it is overly sentimental and not subtle enough. Also neither book has a clear Big Bad yet, which some are wondering when will they get that out.

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Well I ordered the Library edition from Amazon just based on that cover. Finally a great looking Spike cover!
With my luck they'll change it.
As for the awkward juvenile stuff, sigh. Had enough of that.
Please don't be full of cliches about dear old Irelannnnnnd.

If you loved Christos Gage's season 9 run of Angel & Faith you may want to check out his current series Buffy: Season 10. I haven't read it yet myself, but critics are raving about it.

@ Dusk

In terms of a Big Bad not showing up yet Gage mentioned in interviews that something "game changing" will happen at the halfway point of his 30 issue run. Also Gage's Buffy: Season 10 is meant to be a throwback to Joss' work on Seasons 2-5.

With that in mind, with the exception of Glory (and The Master if you want to throw Joss' other season as showrunner in the mix, although I personally pretend Season 2 IS Season 1) the Big Bads never really were important (and in Angelus and Adam's cases didn't even appear) until the second half of the season. The first half was always episodic and character-focused before the midseason twist (Angel loses his soul, Faith goes evil, Professor Walsh made a monster that stabbed her) shook things up.

I get that the fact that the episodic phase is happening over an entire year rather than just a few months plays differently for the audience, but what Gage is doing is perfectly in keeping with the golden era of the show. The first half should play much better later as trades for the fans that didn't like how stretched out and eventless it felt the first time around.

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This is a really big deal for me. Part of what drew me to the character of Angel was his being from Ireland. We don't have many modern Irish fictional heroes. We have a lot of great old mythology (Cú Chulainn, Fionn McCool (yes that's really his name) and Tuatha Dé Danann) but modern iconic mythological figure are in short supply. So combine my love of vampires with an Irish vampire and I was hooked!

I loved how during the show they would make subtle references to his Irish past, while not hitting us on the nose with it. Also Boreanaz would slip in a little Irish brogue at times -not his awful Oirish accent in the flashbacks, but a more subtle colouring of the vowels in times of anger or stress which might not be picked up upon unless you had an ear for it. And of course calling his son by an Irish name, and commenting on his Holtz given name of Stephen as "it's not Irish" in a disappointed way

As someone who spends a lot of time away from Ireland for work, I too like to maintain a connection to home. Actually I seem to become more Irish when I am away from home, than when I am actually in Ireland lol

If I ever met Joss Whedon I would love to ask him why he made Angel Irish. I have never seen a reason for it. I'm just glad he did

However I am expecting a wealth of Irish cliches. Once we don't get any "Top of the morning" or lots of drunken people I am happy. In fact I would love to see Angel marvel at how much Ireland has changed since the last time he was here. The last time we know for a fact that he was here was in the 1870's (I think?). It's a very different place now...obviously! I hope it's not just a case of him being in the countryside. It would be great for him to visit Dublin and see what a big city it has become. And hopefully they get the geography right!

Pity Gischler and Conrad are off this one. I don't know Kel McDonald, but I like Cliff Richards art (he's good at likenesses too).

I wonder if this is a oneshot or will it be told over 2 issues?
@JesusSavedIn01 Thank you for this! These are exactly my thoughts on how this season has been progressing. There has been a good amount of action, but the character moments have been pretty significant with the latter half of the season having the big dramatic moments, hopefully. If I roll my eyes one more time at someone complaining that characters are interacting and talking too much, they might fall out of my head.

The thing I really appreciate about what Gage is doing with the character interaction is not only was that arguably THE core foundation of the golden era Buffyverse (Buffy: Seasons 2-5, Angel: Seasons 2-5 and the last third of Angel: Season 1), but it's also the thing that's mostly been lacking in the comics so far. Even pretty enjoyable stuff like Brian Lynch's After the Fall and the first half of Joss' Season 8 had a heavy focus on over-the-top bombast over character. And after that the characters started fighting and drifting apart so much that great conversations just weren't possible. If the characters aren't talking to each other AND they're battling giant Godzilla-bots and dragon/fighter jet-hybrids how are we supposed to get lost in the characters' lives?

The really, really cool thing that earned Gage a lot of my respect is he's not sweeping things under the rug. Usually when a new creative voice comes on to a franchise they honor the classic stories and pretend the not-so-classic ones didn't happen. Gage on the other hand has actually been tackling the problems with Marti's Seasons 6-7, Joss' Season 8 and Andrew Chambliss' Season 9 head on. And he's been doing it really well in a way that completely fits and enhances the plot. It's such an ambitious thing to attempt even on its own, let alone when he has other stories to tell alongside them. And the fact that it's in the comics medium is mind blowing. It'd be one thing if he had 22 hours of television to work with. He did it on Angel & Faith with the equivalent of 5 episodes and now on Buffy with 6. I'm amazed that he's pulling it off. His gig on Daredevil is very much deserved.

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Oh, I know that trend about the Big Bads. I was just giving someone an opinion on the strengths and weaknesses of the season so far.

I find it entertaining as i said before but some find it overly sentimental to the point of bordering on OCC, and miss the nuance of the show. I personally prefer a little sugarcoated and directness over the opaqueness we've gotten in some previous stories but can see where others are coming from.

Sorry, I knew that you were relaying others' opinions and not your own and meant my post as a follow-up to what you were saying. It wasn't meant to be directed at you. I meant it to add to your conversation, and I wanted to include in it because you kickstarted my thought. I just didn't make that clear enough in my post. Sorry again. I should have been clearer, but sometimes I just get lost in my thoughts.
No worries. don't know if your a fan but another great comic continuation of a show is Avatar: The last Airbender. The show, comics and sequel show Legend of Korra are good enough to be thought about critically by adults just like the little vampire show that began on the WB. Check these for a crash course intro into Avatar, ad S1 of Korra.
Coming out of a longtime Whedonesque hibernation to say that you can read more about Kel's work here:

She's muchly awesome.
Angel going to Ireland?

About time! I've wanted this to happen for a long time.

Also, crossover!
Buffy's been better since Cage and Isaacs got on board, but I still think Angel & Faith is the better book. I'm just starting to get tired of all the teen angst and whining in Buffy right now.

Giles is annoying and unlikable since he was resurrected. Dawn/Xander and Buffy/Spike just keep doing these annoying little dances where it's like they are TRYING to find reasons for their relationships to not work. And when I say "they", I mean Dawn and Buffy, who overcomplicate EVERYTHING.

I don't know. I find myself liking Angel & Faith so much more as CHARACTERS than the Scooby gang lately. Angel is back to focusing on helping people and fighting evil, not angsty, soap opera drama. Faith is becoming independent and finding herself, while still being there for Angel

They just feel so much more grown up than Buffy and co.

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