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March 12 2015

13 TV character deaths that we never got over. lists 13 television character deaths that fans never got over. Two of them are from Whedon shows.

They can add Joyce. Does Wash count even though he died in a movie and not on the show? Anyway, that's the one I really will never get over.
I couldn't go throgh the list. The page took too long to load, needed many clicks and had an anoying music.
Not unwittingly.
Who was the Whedonite other than Tara? The site is impossible to click through.
Nebula1400, it was Fred.
There were several. Jenny Calendar, Joyce, Anya, Cassie....I'm sure I've missed a few. Each were heartbreaking.
Of the characters on the list, Tara and Fred were the only ones I recognized. Yeah, I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do I pick the best I know of. Hence, Whedon shows are on the list.
Well I'm going to have to take y'all's word for it because I couldn't even click through. Hate that site.
That site is awfull. Remembers me Worldofoddballs and his Star Trek lists made to you click forever.

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