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March 12 2015

Composer Danny Elfman talks about filmography, 'Age of Ultron'. He mentions contributing to the score (go to 9:13), and incorporating part of Alan Silvestri's theme into a new "hybrid" theme.

Delighted that they've kept some of Silvestri's theme. I've become quite fond of it after seeing the movie, um, too many times to count at this point.
seconding what mrarg said.
Yeah, add me to count of folks glad that they'e using at least a little bit of Alan Silvestri's themes. As they really were too good to throw away. In fact I actually felt it was one of the best Marvel scores.
SO thrilled they're keeping the Silvestri theme! I was a little worried.
Thanks for the link. I'm a Danny Elfman fan so this was great! Now, time to listen to Oingo Boingo's awesome album Only A Lad. :)

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