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March 16 2015

(SPOILER) Second clip from this week's Agents of SHIELD episode. Skye meets Mr. May - an on the job encounter for one of them.

I know it isnt popular to say anything negative here but I finally removed AOS from my DVR timers this past week. When I was about 10 minutes into the 1st episode back from winter break I found myself (as I have throughout the show's run so far) having to really focus on paying attention because I don't find it interesting. I love everything Whedon but the good/interesting moments are so far and few between. I also think it was a mistake to make a show where Colson in the (a) main character. I like Clark G as an actor (seems like a great guy too) but he just doesnt work as a leading man.
Thanks for sharing, I guess?
Angelus5150, while I'm not a moderator, I am a veteran of these here parts and I've never gotten the impression there is an "anti-negative comments" vibe from this forum. There is opposition to certain negative behaviour, but civil-toned expression of dissatisfaction with an ME product is certainly acceptable many Whedon fans love only certain works by Joss and not others, really?

Agents of SHIELD isn't your thing? Cool, but saddening.
Respectful negative comments are fine. None of the projects we cover are everyone's cup of tea.

Disrespective comments or repeatedly dropping by certain threads just to rag on something over and over are not fine.

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