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March 17 2015

Mutant Enemy writers room reunion from the Nerdist Writers Panel series. Ben Blacker (of Nerdist) reunites an illustrious team of script writers.

Features (left to right) Elizabeth Craft, Drew Z. Greenberg, Jane Espenson, David Fury, Steven DeKnight, host Ben Blacker, David Greenwalt, Marti Noxon, Tracey Forbes, Drew Goddard.

From the Nerdist writers panel podcast.

Listening now - this is amazing. They all have such amazing creative ability.
Weirdly Blacker has never interviewed Joss Whedon for the panel. He has interviewed Jed, Zack, Maurissa and Eliza Clark as well as Mutant Enemy above but now Joss...
I haven't seen that Joss does many of these types of things. I know he did one with a writing group in London some time back, and he sat down with Chris Hardwick/Nerdist a few years ago, but that's about all I'm aware of.

This was a great podcast. Definitely a must listen for anybody who is using this site.
I'm only about halfway through the podcast (darn this work malarkey!), but it's fun and fascinating. Some great insights into the writers' room process, both with Joss and with other non-ME shows.
he sat down with Chris Hardwick/Nerdist a few years ago

And apparently they already knew each other beforehand, which helps explain the "get" on Chris's part. I imagine Joss is just overwhelmed and busy enough that doing things like this is just another thing taking time away from his family/work.
Early on in the podcast it somehow kept coming up that Joss and Chris were neighbors at some point but he wasn't watching the shows at the time and didn't get to geek out about it.

It seems like Acker and Blacker did manage to incorporate a huge number of Whedon and Whedon adjacent actors for Thrilling Adventure Hour (aside from some of the ex-writers writing guest segments) so I imagine there's at least a chance he's aware of it?
I'm about halfway through and this is a really good listen.
This podcast brings back the joy of listening to the old Succubus Club Radio show back in the days and their writer interviews. Great fun.

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