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March 17 2015

(SPOILER) A Whedonverse cameo on the Season Premiere of "Community". One of our favorites makes a brief appearance in the new episode available through Yahoo.

I wasn't sure how spolierly this was, and if people wanted to be surprised. For those who want to know They appear around the 16:50 mark.
Thought the ep itself was pretty mediocre sadly, but the cameo was a nice surprise.
yahoo vids are a nonstarter here [browser issues]. 'sok, i'll wait for netflix to stock the dvd(s).
If it's ever available in Canada I'll know who you mean.
Actually reading the comments on Community's Facebook page will let you know how to watch it outside of the US. ;)
It was nice to see this guest in the episode although he could have had a more important role than that ! Anyways, I actually really enjoy this first episode which was better than the fourth season and that some earlier episode (from season 5, but also from season 3). Loved the new characters and the guests.
Totally worth six seasons and movie !

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