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March 18 2015

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 10 #13. It's the third part of the "Love Dares You" arc.

I enjoyed the issue. I like that Buffy is being open about what she likes in her relationship with Spike and that she wants to give it a go, even if she does have concerns she won't let her insecurities make her run. That seems like good development and feels a good fit for the maturing angle they are playing. I found the idea that a trap had been set for them confusing when it was so hard for them to pin down what was happening and get the tip off through the dream vision about the nest to go to it. A trap you have to work so hard to fall into seems a daft trap!! The voicing was good in the issue, I could 'hear' the characters at different points which is always nice. A good arc, I'm looking forward to getting RI back and seeing more of where Spike/Buffy go (and little Giles, I want more about how he is dealing, or very much not!!).
I finally have Buffy # 13,"Love Dares You Part III of III."

Going to keep this short.I'm of two minds of this issue because I have to approach my thoughts on the issue in two ways.

On one hand,I like Christos Gage's writing in general and it's up to its usual good level here.There are little moments I like such as the crimson bands of Cyttorack joke.I actually like the Xander/Spike interaction that's going on this season.I'm also interested in the mystery of what's going on with Spike's nightmare,the murders and how they connect to what's going on with Angel.Plus the developments in this issue between Willow and Aluwyn just raised the threat level I think

But on the whole,my reaction to the issue is meh.And it's due to the majority of the issue being devoted to subject matters I don't have much interest in.I'm not a fan a of spuffy and I don't really like Andrew as a character(he has his moments I will admit at times) so there wasn't really much to this issue for me personally.Now that does not mean I think it's a bad issue.As I said,I think Gage's writing is just as good as usual but the main focus of the issue is on elements I'm not interested in or like.

I think next issue will pick up for me since while I'm not interested in the spuffy aspects,as I said,I am very interested in the mystery of what's going on with Spike's nightmare separate from the Buffy/Spike factor.

Will also be glad to have RI back too.

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Bit late to the party here, but I just binged all of Season 10 up to this issue. I especially love what they're doing with Giles: no longer at his prime, no longer able to do all that he once could, everyone treats him as a child ... what a grand metaphor for aging! In classic Buffy style, it's a great way to deal with real problems we all [will one day] go through but in a much more entertaining way than watching Giles develop arthritis.

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