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March 18 2015

Ratings for last night's Agents of SHIELD episode. The show got a 1.6/5 rating in the 18-49 demo.

Up .1 percent! Good news!
Better than expected tbh with iZombie starting up but it look like Flash took the hit instead. NCIS being reruns helped as well.
Sadly with the weather getting better and Daylight Savings Time in effect it will likely decline a little from here on out.
0.9/3 2.34 is starting strong?!(iZombie) I don't follow ratings for tv shows other than Whedon's but I remember when Buffy was getting ratings HIGHER than that and everyone talked about how the show's ratings were going off a cliff. Its amazing how low viewership has gotten in the last decade.

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0.9 is strong for a CW show. Its best shows, Arrow and The Flash, get around 1.2's.

Viewership hasn't so much gotten lower as gotten more fragmented. Cable and streaming were not really factors when Buffy was on. Back then if an ABC show was getting 1.5 and 1.6 ratings, like AoS is getting now, it wouldn't last another episode much less another season.

What really surprised me was how well "Undateable" did with its season premiere. Its season 1 finale had fewer than 2 million viewers, but this season's premiere got almost 6.5 million. Weird.

I still expect AoS to get renewed, but I expect it to be in a less competitive timeslot next year.
iZombie is on The CW which has much lower standards for ratings success. However, Nielsen is a very outdated ratings system but they have no better way to track them. With the rise of online platforms, viewer choice on where/when to watch, cable shows going up in quality, and just a sheer abundance of shows, traditional ratings have been steadily declining for years now.

This past Sunday none of the shows on any of the Big Four networks could reach a 2.0 in the demo which apparently even 5 years ago would have been hard to believe.
Which makes The Walking Dead's 7.0+ ratings on basic cable even more remarkable.
Live SD ratings are no longer in any way shape or form relevant to the business. It is only relevant to fans of TV desperately trying (and failing) to find a valid public measuring stick. All of this is meaningless.
Still, they offer some sense of logic to how things turn out at renewal time for the public at least. NBC has canceled almost every show it tried to launch this year. The initial ratings give a reason for the trend.
Sadly iZombie was adjsted down to 0.8 :(
But I am glad Agents of SHIELD improved.
IrrationalTV, is there a public metric that even vaguely correlates with the success of a show? How can the average viewer get an idea of whether their shows are doing well?
Ratings beside, I think "Agents of SHIELD" is turning into a remarkable show. Congrats to Jed Whedon!
They can't, PaperSpock. That's why publishing meaningless L+SD rating is fabulous clickbait. Shows are now judged on private C3 ratings, and private VOD, and private paid download metrics. There is no way to tell if a lower rated (and they all have low ratings anymore except for Empire and Walking Dead) show will be picked up or not from public information. None. Anyone who says different has inside info or is a fool.
Still, you can assume that if a Big Four show is pulling very low ratings in the overnights, it's probably not doing well. The most time-shifted shows double their audience in the L+7 ratings (no idea about the C3's), but there comes a point when it's so low that even doubling it isn't good enough.

AoS is not in that zone yet. Last week's Daylight Savings-driven ratings washout was a bit scary. But the rating went up this week, and might tick up again next week because this week it was on St. Patrick's Day. But I'd feel a whole lot better if that overnight rating was closer to 2.0.

I'm still not 100% convinced AoS is safe for renewal. Renewing it for a third season also means renewal for a fourth season, because of syndication economics. That's a big commitment for a show with middling ratings.

I'm hoping Joss will commit (behind the scenes, at least) to joining the writers' room for next season. Having him actively writing and possibly directing episodes would make the people in charge a lot more confident, I think.
I have to admit, I watched iZombie on CW because I don't get it On Demand. Watched SHIELD the next day.
The fragmented way On Demand/Streaming works up here can be very annoying eh, Redeem147? You'd need Shomi from Rogers/Shaw to see iZombie and Amazon's Transparent. But if you wanted to see Amazon's police show Bosch or the Canadian TV's hit of Orphan Black you need a subscription to CraveTV from Bell.

Hopefully the new rules from the CRTC changes some of this. Although I still don't know what Amazon has against us.
Or yahoo (miss Community.)
I don'tt watch it, but that one doesn't even make much sense. They have a Canadian site already and used to air it here exactly when the US did. What is the hold up?

Hell hath no fury like the Canadian consumer/viewer, Unite eh?!
@IrrationaliTV Are private VOD and private paid downloads all that significant as far as revenue streams are concerned for any shows who
are below a 2.0 in the live demo ? For some reason I never considered them to be that large for anyone other than Walking Dead and its ilk
and that the C3's were the final major thing to be reckoned with.
With dynamic ad insertion ( putting this week's ads in past week's shows) VOD can be meaningful and count towards C3. And every instance is counted instead of just Nielsen's faulty numbers. ITunes and others like it are not at all insignificant especially in shows that skew young like the CW, MTV, ABCFamily, etc.
Hmm, interesting concept there with dynamic ad insertion. Maybe they could do something like that with stuff that is dvr'd. After
all 2-3 views of shows like this is pretty normal. As a matter of fact that is one reason why the recorded numbers go up more for
this kind of show more than many other shows. Imo many see the recorded experience as better.
0.9/3 2.34 is starting strong?!(iZombie) I don't follow ratings for tv shows other than Whedon's but I remember when Buffy was getting ratings HIGHER than that and everyone talked about how the show's ratings were going off a cliff. Its amazing how low viewership has gotten in the last decade.

My thoughts exactly eddy... I would check out the ratings numbers after every Buffy episode (from season 4 on) so those number are indelibly transfixed in my mind.

If Buffy were on right now would it be pulling in the same numbers as it did?

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