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March 29 2004

Columnist perspective on the Save Angel sites. "In the end, it's just a TV show and it has to end sometime".

"But, our modern society really tends to connect with our TV friends more than even our neighbors sometimes, as evidenced by the tears shed at the recent wrap of "Sex in the City," and the fact that the final episode of "MASH" still ranks up there with the Moon landing in terms of sheer TV ratings points."

As well as some Hollywood websites that are just fun.

Well, yes, "it has to end sometime." No disupte on that part, but I would like "sometime" to be a long time from this time.
Yeah and even things that are not 'just a tv show' have to end. It's kind of a pointless remark to make. When Buffy ended we were sad but it was the right time. For Angel it isn't. Not for the audience nor the makers.
Maybe the columnist lost some point in between. It's not simply a TV Show. If wasn't for it and either Buffy and Firefly, possibly we would never have been here to have such discussion. We would have never talked to each other.

I'm not denying that a lot of people still are isolated by this whole media bombing in every direction world that we live right now. But this is moreso a contemporary issue that we'll have to learn to deal, like old timers had to deal with issues from their time. Just wanted to point a counterpoint.

Maybe the show is the reason to make people get together. I met my best friends because we all shared watching and enjoying Buffy as an every week "addiction". Not that I didn't socialize before, not that I didn't had friends before whedonverse came to my life. But actually, after it, I met the best friends I ever had, and now our friendship go beyond the Sunnydale Tales, but way beyound. But that was what jumpstarted everything.

I've stated before that I'm not such a big fan of Angel, as I was to BtVS and Firefly, but still believe that's a great show.

Maybe to some people this is not simply a TV Show, with made up characters and a fictional tale, maybe to a lot of people it's something that's worth fighting for, because it does mean a lot more, maybe they mean some important part of ourselves that outsiders will never be able to grasp.

It does have to end someday, or it would be joke. But if it can be finished when it's properly ready to be finished, that's better for everyone.

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