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March 18 2015

Raina trades her flower dresses for Tulip. Ruth Negga is the first actor cast in AMC's "Preacher" pilot, according to a Wednesday evening report from Deadline. She'll be playing the female lead role of Tulip, a main character from the comics and the ex-girlfriend of Jesse Custer, the story's titular preacher.

Good for her, that's quite the coup.
Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark) has been rumored to be the choice for the male lead.
Good on her, although I wanted her to become a regular on AoS. I love me some Raina.
That's some cool casting. Tulip is a fantastic character. (Well, I'd say everyone and everything from Preacher is fantastic!)
Good for her, although I can't quite picture her as Tulip yet.
I'm cautiously optimistic about this series. Love the comic. I think I've only seen Ruth as Raina, who is a very different character from Tulip, so it's hard to speculate about this casting. I guess we'll see. May she nail it.
Holy crap, I can't believe they're making preacher into an AMC show. That is a sick comic.
I can pretty much guarantee the TV show will be a lot less extreme than the comic. A lot of that stuff you couldn't possibly do, even on cable. I'm not really sure whether to get psyched for it or to just assume it will be a let-down.

Ruth Negga is an unexpected but decent choice for Tulip (and she is half Irish). Dominic Cooper as Jesse I'm not so sure about. He's good, but I don't see him as Jesse. I'd go more for Josh Holloway in that role.

The perfect Cassidy would have been Michael Smiley, but he may be a bit too old for the part now.
10 years ago I would have thought that Nathan Fillion would be the perfect choice for Jesse Custer, but now I'd say he's really a bit too old to portray that character. (Jesse doesn't need to be 20 but early 40s doesn't seem right either.)
John Cho would make a good Jesse Custer, I think. For some reason, I think that.
Well done her. I look forward to seeing her performance.

I'm really interested to see what happens with this show. I love the comic...but I don't really recognise the Tulip I remember in the character description used in the announcement. She never really embraced her criminal career, she was just damn good with a gun.

With adaptations, I usually accept all manner of changes to the plot if the essence of the characters is right (LA Confidential being a good example). So not sure what to think.

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