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March 20 2015

10 Questions with Danny Strong. There's a brief mention of Danny Strong's role as Jonathan on Buffy, but this Q&A sheds light on how Strong went from struggling actor to "unparalleled success" as a writer on movies and co-creator of the hit new show, "Empire."

Aside from Joss Whedon, I'd argue that Danny Strong might be the most successful Buffy alum to date...

Empire is fantastic. Danny Strong has hit an out of the park grand slam with his CoProducer Lee Daniels.

I think the finale was a little too twisty turny but I bet it all settles down nice for S2 as all the other episodes did. Everyone should watch. It's a musical soap opera.

Lovin' Cookie -- best character on network TV in a LOOOONG time.

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He's definitely successful. I mean, Empire's finale drew a 6.5 that's 4 times what Agents of SHIELD did in its last episode. It's impressive.
Danny Strong, Superstar! I've enjoyed his work as an actor, but I'm really pleased for his success as a writer/producer. Empire is on my "to binge-watch" list.
I liked how The Butler (I think) featured Written by Danny Strong in its TV commercials. A writer celebrity! Of course, it puts the kibosh (or as our cleaning lady used to say, the haberdasher) on my seeing him as Ernest T. Bass if anyone makes a Mayberry movie
I liked how he recommended Julianne Moore for the Alma Coin role in "Mockingjay" to the producers... and she ended up with the part.

Very happy for him.

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