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March 29 2004

Ask Matt column at fields 3 separate questions on Wonderfalls. Matt Roush gives Wonderfalls some more boosting.

Further down in the column there's a brief Buffy mention as well.

I was just reading this and almost posted the same thing. A lot of mentions of Wonderfalls, Buffy and Angel.
I also have to agree with his comments on Dead Like Me. I watched the first season, and what started off as a somewhat impressive show quickly devolved into something overbearingly quirky and sappy. I'll take a trip to Wonderfalls any day.
Hmm. What are the dangers of 'Wonderfalls' devolving into somethin 'overbearingly quirky and sappy'? I mean, since it's the same guy...
I never saw 'Dead Like Me,' so I have no idea how the two shows compare.
Well I thought the first episode of Wonderfalls was very "Dead Like Me" but I haven't seen the following 2 episodes.
Bryan Fuller, the creator of Dead Like Me and now Wonderfalls, left the show after the first three episodes. He was having some kind of "artistic differences" issues with Showtime. So any devolving that Dead Like Me had was not Bryan Fuller's fault.
Hmm. What are the dangers of 'Wonderfalls' devolving into somethin 'overbearingly quirky and sappy'? I mean, since it's the same guy...

In an archived link earlier this month I think, Bryan Fuller, the creator/producer of "Dead Like Me" talked about the changes the network imposed on the show which led to his departure over "creative differences." If Wonderfalls goes sappy, the culprit is most likely to be network interference.

After all, the most common criticisms I've seen levelled against WF is that Jaye is unlikable. I don't feel that way, but apparently some people find her too snarky or disagreeable. Personally, I find her more likable for the snarkiness.
I agree with punkinpuss. I like Jaye because of her snark.
Yeah, I'm glad Wonderfalls isn't as unbearingly sappy as Joan of Arcadia - which I liked a lot at the start, but then it became a horrible hugfest. I like Jaye a lot and I don't often like female leads. Finally here's one I can identify with. That probably means it's doomed.
I'm with punkinpuss and electricspacegirl, I love jaye's personality... I find it really refreshing. She is very realistic to me. I'm a 21 year old guy in college, and I have no idea where the hell my life is going, and i really relate to her. very similar with the sarcasm... Trust me, this show is fantastic.
I absolutely loved the first episode of Joan of Arcadia, just like I loved the first two episodes of Miracles, but after that both shows took a huge nosedive and I stopped watching. I didn't like either of Wonderfall's first two episodes and stopped watching that too. I'm running out of shows.
lalaa and punkinpuss- Ah, OK. Thank you for that input.

I don't know that I identify much with Jaye but I do like her. I think she's a good mixture of the snarky and the...not snarky. If she went too much one way- being mean-spirited (which she's really not), or completely bitter, grumpy and cranky, then I would be repelled by her. But she's just snarky enough to be entertaining and to make her not-snarky parts that much more interesting.
I think the show has BEGUN as "overbearingly quirky." I watched the first ep by myself and my wife watched the second one with me. She sat silently for about 30 minutes before saying, "This is really bad. Do you like it?" I said that I was giving it a chance, but that it is really quirky.

Right now, in terms of quality compared with Joan of Arcadia, I don't feel there is any contest. The writing and the cast of Joan are superior. I will keep watching to see if it gets better for me, but unless there is some standout episode that I can present to my wife, I don't think that she and others will be back.

Do you all truly think that this show has anything near the promise you saw when first viewing Buffy or Angel? Even the lukewarm first episode of Firefly was better than this. Finally, with 13 episodes already in the can (right?) I guess there is no chance of getting rid of the stupid annoying viewfinder gimmick, huh?
Do you all truly think that this show has anything near the promise you saw when first viewing Buffy or Angel?

I do. I sensed it when I watched the first episode, and the third episode made me convinced that given time Wonderfalls could become as addictive as Buffy. It's a totally different show though, it's not going to be about a young girl's calling and what it means to be chosen, but it has the same kind of heart, wit, and intelligence. I think it could be phenomenal, I just have a feeling.

Of course it's all opinion. Some may love it, some may hate it. I don't think anyone is riding the fence on this, which is interesting.

Last thing I wanted to add: Give it time. It's only aired 3 episodes.

Even the lukewarm first episode of Firefly was better than this. Are you talking about the first episode that aired or the pilot? I thought the pilot kicked ass!
I have to agree with most of what Brother_grady said. I do enjoy this show but I don't think it compares at all to Buffy, Angel or Firefly and I also think that Joan of Arcadia is a superior show.

This show has been entertaining and funny but I also think it drags at times. But to be fair, it is not the same kind of show as the Whedon shows or as JoA even though some say JoA and it are similar. And although I find Jaye amusing and interesting, my husband didn't like the character.

I really liked the pilot a lot, the second show was pretty good and I thought this third episode was good so to me the show hasn't been getting better but it's still good. It's also very early to be judging it without actually seeing a bunch of shows and I hope Fox gives it a chance to find an audience.

Oh, the pilot of Firefly did kick ass but unfortunately, we in the US weren't allowed to see the pilot until the very end. The episode aired first was a poor substitution for the pilot even though when seen in the correct order that episode came across in a much better light.
re: blwessels husband not liking Jaye.

It would make a whole lot of sense to me if men in general (if there is such a thing) didn't like Jaye. Really. That would explain an awful lot.

Anyway, no, I don't think Wonderfalls is as good or will be as good as BtVS or AtS. Nothing ever will be, I'm afraid.
Yeah, I think it is more of a guy thing. Both my daughters and I like the character. My husband more or less has a problem with the fact that she seems to be a slacker who allowed her parents to pay for an expensive college education. I see it more that she went to school because it was the expected thing to do and isn't sure what she wants in life.

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