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March 21 2015

TV Reboot tournament: 'Firefly' vs. 'Pushing Daisies' in the final. Esquire's "championship game, the Thrilla in Cancelled Showville-a... or something." There's a related interview with Nathan and Alan about the tournament.

I hope some fans here will vote for Pushing Daisies! It is a masterpiece. Firefly already got the movie and comics. Pushing Daisies is such a unique entity that always, always puts a smile on my face.
Pushing Daisies broke my heart. I will never understand why the audience did not come back after the strike ended.

It is my opinion that the demise of this show signaled that loyalty to a scripted show was becoming an endangered concept.
As much as I love Firefly Serenity worked beautifully as a series finale. I'd rather see other classic shows get the closure we received. Bring back Pushing Daisies (and Deadwood, for that matter) instead.

On a semi-related note, I really hope Showtime and David Lynch work out their current differences in his contract negotiations. It'd be a real shame to see a 9-part Twin Peaks series finale get this close to happening only to be derailed at the eleventh hour.
I added a link to a Nathan and Alan interview about the tournament, it's a good read.
If Pushing Daisies wins Bryan Fuller will tweet a production photo from Hannibal's six-part Red Dragon adaptation/possible series finale.

I didn't know this when I voted for Daisies, but now I'm even happier with my decision.
So did they actually finish that Pushing Daisies comic that DC/Wildstorm canceled, or did they kill the project midway through?

They shifted the discussion towards that stage musical version of the show but the buzz/chance of that seems to have also gone south.

I know they finished at least the first issue. I'm not sure about the other eleven, though. Since the graphic novel and the Broadway show have fallen through Fuller has set his sights on either a six-part miniseries or a movie. The down side to this is he said crowdfunding was a non-starter due to the cost needed ($12-15 million).

I'd love for Netflix or somebody like that to be the white knight and swoop in with a series finale miniseries/film. I'm not holding my breath, though. Then again, in the last ten years it happened for Farscape, Firefly, Futurama and Veronica Mars. And now Twin Peaks and The X-Files are (hopefully) getting the same treatment, so who knows. Belated series finales/potential franchise re-starters are certainly way more common now than they were when Wrath of Khan first entered theaters.

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I love this fandom. Love it. Clicked on the link expecting to see "Everyone Vote Firefly cause Nathan tweeted!"

Nope - it's all about the awesomeness of Pushing Daisies which I have never watched and now have a new binge item.

You all rock.
Pushing daisies had two seasons, Firefly only one. Even with the danger of saying it here, I never was hooked by Firefly. I don't know, maybe my deep love for Star Trek clouds my mind. So, in this dispute, I'm with a new Serenity crew.

IMHO, a Bryan Fuller better show to be broght back would be Wonderfalls an a space one, in serious need of a reboot is Qark
Whatever happened to Rube on 'Dead Like Me?'

Pushing Daisies, Wonderfalls, Dead Like Me, and Firefly should all have had long runs. At least with Firefly, there was something like closure. The others were simply Bengal kittens abandoned in a paper bag on the side of the road.
Can I add Alphas to your bag of abandoned kittens @Nebula1400? I loved that show.
The lack of Wonderfalls and other Bryan Fuller properties gets covered here.

I like this finale, because I win either way (loved both shows).
Nebula, 'Rube' went on to play Gideon on Criminal Minds. When he left there in a huff, abandoning the production and his co-stars (which is his way), luck landed him on Homeland. He grew a beard.
Good for Mandy sticking with Homeland though. Rob Lowe might still be doing his whole four-seasons-and-done thing (while being inexplicably mean to Amy Poehler in the process), but Mandy's well past his usual two seasons at this point.
Put in my vote for Firefly, but I won't be heartbroken if Pushing Daisies wins. I think it needs the attention more than Firefly and stands a better shot of being resurrected. We'll see how things play out!
The poll apparently closed (even though it's only 2:08pm EST, and it wasn't supposed to close until 11:50pm EST) and Pushing Daisies won with 56%. That was a little nerve-wracking over the past two days, it kept going back and forth. I'm so glad Pushing Daisies won. Like Nathan said in the related interview: "We always joke about it. But it was 12 years ago. I honestly don't think that there's going to be another Firefly iteration. [...] I had a chance to go back in the biggest way possible with [Serenity], a major motion picture. We all did. So we were able to have a nice kind of final goodbye. We had closure, which is more than a lot of people with cancelled shows can say."
I love the Bryan Fuller shows. I especially enjoy(ed) "Wonderfalls" and "Hannibal". I liked "Pushing Daisies", but for me, it was hard to watch. It was its own beautiful world and sometimes I couldn't finish an episode, because everything was just too much. So, I actually never finished the show because of that. :/

"Pushing Daisies" sometimes feel like Wes Anderson movies to me. :)
Whoops! The poll opened back up again. :3 I hope Pushing Daisies still keeps its lead.
The people at Esquire need to look up the meaning of "reboot." It doesn't mean what they think it means.

I wouldn't want to see any of those shows "rebooted."

I liked Pushing Daisies a lot. I own both seasons on DVD. But I liked Firefly more.

But Ned looks so sad on that vote button that I couldn't bring myself to vote against him, so I just abstained.

Bring back Cop Rock!
I honestly have learned to let go of the reboot vs. revival thing. People keep calling me pretentious when I define the terms for them. I just want people to know EXACTLY what they're asking for. It's so exhausting. At this point, reboot is like the word bemused, close to what people think it means but not quite.

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Jewel Staite's tweet about this is perfect.
Bracket games just make me want to watch all of the shows on the list. I don't see the need to put them in competition. Pushing Daisies and Firefly are such completely different shows that it makes no sense to pit them against each other. If we're giving out imaginary prizes, I'd rather imagine that all the shows came back and were huge hits. And, actually, if Freaks and Geeks came back as a feature film, with the same actors as adults, it would probably be the top movie at the box office.
What does it win? A 13-episode pickup? Guess not. Oh well.

I had no idea the Pushing Daisies fandom was still this active. Active enough to outpoll the Browncoats.
Although I voted Firefly, it tickled me when I first came in to read this thread and saw all the Pushing Daisies love. That show was so much fun. But there are so many shows that didn't get a fair chance at an audience, IMO, that I still miss. Like PD, Firefly, Keen Eddie, Wonderfalls, even Drive. (Drive could have been done in one season and they should have let it. My vote: crazy mom won after teaming up with Leigh. Sick dad found out that was a lie and quits the race, the brothers bond and gt even with the dad, Alex and his blonde cohort take down TPTB behind it all, which would have turned out to be Alan Tudyk & Gina Torres... ;P )

Congrats, Piemaker. So... which show is doing to die if he doesn't touch Pushing Daisies again??
AndrewCrossett Well, honestly I think that Pushing Daisies and Firefly share a lot of fans in common.
Yeah, that's my theory too, NYPinTA. What I've seen on Tumblr is a lot of people who were totally conflicted, or Browncoats who expressed that people should vote PD because this win would mean really something for it, as Firefly wins things like this quite often, and it's something that may actually happen, and that Fuller has actually expressed recent interest in doing it. So, yeah, they much have a lot of fanbase in common.
The article was right about Veronica Mars, BTW. We already brought that show back, funded a movie all by ourselves and sang "We Are the Champions" over the closing credits. This would just be anti-climactic.
"Pushing Daisies" was good, but it's "Wonderfalls" that I fell in love with, that's the show I'd like to see brought back to life.
For anyone missing Pushing Daisies (like me), check out iZombie on the CW network. The visual style is nowhere close, but there is a similar sort of whimsy in the premise of the show.

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