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March 23 2015

(SPOILER) Ward and Agent 33 return in this clip from tomorrow's Agent of SHIELD episode. Very Tarantino-esque. There may or may not be an obscure Buffy reference in the clip as well.

"I love you, Honey Bunny."

Yup, so Tarantino - esque. Can't wait as we've had two good sneak peeks this week. I love Ming-Na as Agent 33.

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Love the Pulp Fiction nod - good to see Ward back and in full unrepentant bad guy mode. Wonder if they'll have the actress who played Agent 33 pre scarred face (the woman who has the minor recurring part on Castle) return if they manage a "successful" surgery. Or maybe a Madame Masque creation is in order?
Awesome. Evil Ward is so much cooler than the whiny, pining-for-Skye Ward we got earlier this year.
Why does the dialogue have to repeat stuff they (and we) already know?
Probably some irritatingly influential executive is expecting new viewers to drop in, and wants to make sure they are brought up to speed. That's my guess, anyway.
Not everyone watches TV at the obsessed super-fan intensity level. Some people appreciate the reminders in a highly serialized show like AoS. Don't judge. I don't always see Walking Dead every week and I appreciate the stuff that catches me up to what I may have missed.
It's been so long since we've seen Ward I'd started to assume he had his own spin-off with 33. Agents Formerly of HYDRA.
Stronger writers can catch viewers up on info without the bulk of a scene being expository. It's a minor issue, really, but AoS has generally been above this kind of shortcut in the second season. Still looking forward to watching it.

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