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March 23 2015

Russo Brothers reportedly to direct Avengers: Infinity War films. After months of speculation, Joss will reportedly hand the Avengers reins over to The Russo Brothers.

I just got finished complaining about this!
I don't really have a problem with it. Winter Soldier was a great film, and now Joss has time to pursue his own projects.
Congratulations to the Russos (and Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely if their rumored return is true). The MCU is in great hands.
What libradude said.
What Nebula1400 said libradude said.
Yeah, this sounds like a solid plan to me, too. Joss seems to want a break from giant Marvel movies to do his own thing; I love it when he does his own thing; and the Russo brothers seem like a good choice to carry on the franchise. So, this seems like a win-win-win.

I *loved* Avengers 1 and can't wait for Avengers 2; but I also want Joss to have the time and space to make up new worlds. Especially if that's what he wants. So, I see this news, and I think: Wastelanders! The Serving Girl! Crazypants new moviething we can't even slightly imagine! Yay!
Winter Soldier got the job done, and I applaud them for it. I just can't help but notice that besides Winter Soldier, Marcus and McFeely's writing credits aren't terribly strong. And with the Russos already doing Civil War, which does seem like a great fit for them, they might be spreading themselves a bit thin. The way I've seen Joss describe working on an Avengers movie, it seems like it's already 3 years of more-than-full-time work, and this is two of those movies in a smaller space of time. I don't know that anybody could live up to the standard of the first one without starting immediately, and not also doing a tentpole for a major studio in the mean time. So this, to me, just doesn't seem like the proper way to send off a significant chunk of the main cast, who will likely not be signing another multi-picture deal afterwards.

Of course, I'm sure that I will be delighted by whatever J Whedon decides to do with himself after Age of Ultron. This isn't about me wanting him to do another one. This is just me selfishly wanting all of the Avengers movies to be exceptional.
The way I've seen Joss describe working on an Avengers movie, it seems like it's already 3 years of more-than-full-time work, and this is two of those movies in a smaller space of time.

But the Russo brothers have an advantage over Joss: there's two of them!
Joss was announced on each Avengers movie less than two years before release. The Russos are being announced more than three years prior to Avengers 3, and Civil War releases two years before A3. They not only have the benefit of being two people, but they're two people that aren't also the writers.

Furthermore, I expect that the two movies will be filmed together, which can be a huge time savings.

I'm excited. I loved Winter Soldier and have high hopes for the Russos' future work. I hope that Joss keeps a hand in steering the MCU, with ideas, script-doctoring and the like, but I can't wait to see what he moves to next.
I still expect Captain Marvel to have the tagline - 'From the director of The Avengers and Age of Ultron...'
Like others have said, If we thought the Avengers films were big, this two-parter is going to make them look like a close and intimate indie. You pretty much NEED two people to manage such an insane scale!
After Angel finished, movies was Joss' original gameplan for the next few years. I think he certainly proved himself in that respect. I would have liked to have seen him do Spidey. It's a shame we never got to see the Whedon/Hitch Spider-Man comic.

As for whatever he does next, I'm sure he'll have a whale of a time doing it.
I'm fine with the bros directing, but I still wish Joss would write the script or at least doctor/consult on it.
I enjoyed Winter Soldier, I just can't remember much of the dialogue. Whereas Avengers I could probably quote word for word now.
I'm also very excited about the Russos being confirmed, they were the likely choice as they did an amazing job on Winter Soldier. But I have to echo Trentaferd in not being a great fan of Marcus and McFeely's work. As I recall, Joss did some scrip doctoring on both First Avenger and The Dark World. The only other writing credit they have within the MCU is Winter Soldier, directed by Anthony and Joe and I suspect they had a great hand in elevating the material.
I never really expected Joss to do those movies because of the distinct lack of creative freedom they involve... that story seems to be set in stone by Kevin Feige at this point, which is fine--he's done a great job with the MCU to date--but it didn't really strike me as Joss' thing. He got all the freedom he could've hoped for with Age of Ultron, it sounds like.

That said, I'm curious how Joss will remain involved with Marvel. He's expressed interest in continuing to work there in some capacity. I'm guessing he'll spend some time on his show, and maybe continue to serve as a producer/consultant on the Marvel films? That could be lucrative.

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As Mirage says, I hope Joss is still involved in the screenplay somehow. These writers did good work on Winter Soldier and if I'm not mistaken the Agent Carter pilot, but they are relatively devoid of humor. Joss elevates his Avengers material with his wit, it elevates character across the board and I hope that's not missing in Civil War and the Infinity War flicks. By the time Infinity War rolls around, things will be pretty cosmic/ridiculous in some respects, and humor will be all the more important IMHO.
Yeah, add me to the list of folks hoping Joss still has at the very least some creative input. And not just because I'm dying to see him write for Thanos. I just feel like it's maybe a little early to be giving the Russos the keys to the kingdom based on only one movie, in case it turns out to be a fluke quality wise. I did enjoy Winter Soldier, but I do remember some shaky camera work that undermined (a little bit) what was some exemplary fight choreography between the actors and stunt folk.
I mean I know some folks saw Joss on Avengers as a bit of a leap of faith, but Serenity is a truly flawless movie, and he'd more than proved himself in his tv direction as well. Not to mention co-writing a lot of great movies.
We'll see I guess. There are certainly worse choices that could have been made there..
Joss told Entertainment Weekly shortly before Agents of SHIELD debuted (as part of their epic 10 page Joss Whedon: The Interview) that after Age of Ultron he wanted to work on AoS as a staff writer while working on smaller original projects on the side. He doesn't want to do Avengers 3, a Han Solo movie (thrown out there by the interviewer as a hypothetical) or any other big budget project involving other people's characters. He also said he doesn't want to do his Hamlet adaptation anymore for similar reasons. Next season he's going to write for SHIELD while doing smaller original stuff on the side.

It's similar to what he did during seasons 2-4 of Angel where he would pitch ideas along with the other staff writers to David Greenwalt and Jeffrey Bell as part of their very, very collaborative showrunning process (according to one of Tim Minear's audio commentaries the entire Connor storyline originated from an off-color joke Tim made!). In season 2 he only had time to direct Untouched and co-develop the plots of Judgment and Happy Anniversary due to being busy showrunning his final season of Buffy at the time. After that he spent a lot of time brainstorming with the rest of the writing staff as well as writing/directing an episode or two per season.

In his spare time during his Angel writing staff years he wrote Fray, wrote/directed Once More with Feeling and the feature-length Firefly pilot, co-wrote Tales of the Slayers and Tales of the Vampires, guest wrote Lessons plus the song from Selfless and the Buffy scenes from Conversations with Dead People, wrote/directed Chosen, wrote at least the first arc of his Astonishing X-Men run and finished the screenplay for Serenity. Oh, and he also made time to serve as Tim Minear's co-exec on the 13 episodes of Firefly proper while writing two episodes and co-writing two more!

Not only is Joss doing what HE wants to do (and honestly would we really want a project from Joss or any other artist if their heart wasn't completely in it?), but something tells me we're about to get a lot more Whedon for our buck in the process.

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I'm really glad Joss is free! Yeah!!!


I've fallen for the Russo Bros's Agent Carter and was hoping that they would be involved in any continuation if it happens. I did find humor in the series but their style is not as witty as Joss's style.

But I think that's okay. I think that Age of Ultron is going to be much darker with less humor then the Avengers. An infinity war may just naturally be less comedic.
Joss's dark has lots of humor.

The main weakness I saw in CATWS was that the fight/action scenes tended to go on for too long without being interesting enough. They ran the danger of challenging Michael Bay's battle scenes. Some directors are just too much in love with blowing shit up. At least Joss's fight scenes gave us lots of iconic visuals and had humor and poignant moments to keep them interesting.

Also, in the fight scene between Cap and Bucky, the traffic in the other direction just kept moving as if there was no epic destruction going on in the other lanes. A detail like that can be distracting, especially if the fight scene is going on too long! This was a choice made by the directors, not the writers.

Granted that CATWS did not have Joss's sharp humor in it, but IMO, it was a better movie than the much funnier, more colorful Guardians of the Galaxy. Marcus and McFeely did a great job setting up Agent Carter.
Noooooo :(
The MCU is a big sandbox, plenty of room for others to play in it. Kevin Feige is no fool so I fully expect him to keep Joss on a retainer to consult and do his script-doctoring as needed. I'm happy to have Joss doing what he wants to do, especially in a sandbox of his own making.

Agree with Simon - loved Winter Soldier, but can't think of a single memorable line from it.
"On your left."

But yeah, other than that and the whole conversation after the jogging, I can't think of much.
When Cap gets an erection after Widow kisses him in the mall, he's got a fairly memorable line/(man)reaction.
"Before we get started, does anyone want to get out."

"Anyone know where the Smithsonian is? I'm here to pick up a fossil."
I would think Joss will stil be involved with Agents Of Shield assuming it continues.He may even be more free now to write and direct a episode here and there occasionally.

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I hope Feige keeps him on retainer, at least in a consulting capacity.

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“This isn’t freedom. This is fear.”
When I heard about this, my first reaction was "Thank God." Which is funny, because a few years ago I would have been against it. But I'm really ready for Joss to do his own stuff again. As much as I love the MCU, I don't like how much it constrains Joss. Having to work in someone else's playground can provide some interesting challenges as a creator, but Joss is at his best when he's working with his own material.
"I made breakfast, if you guys eat that sort of thing."


And the one that became a meme: "Hail Hydra."

I don't think the franchise could be in better hands that are not Joss's.
Still think Joss should consult, though …

“Well, he had a few suggestions once he got an up close look at our old turbines.”
Joss did a pretty major (uncredited) rewrite on First Avenger, and I think his voice shines through pretty well on that one. "What happened to you?" "I joined the army." I suspect he'll be paid handsomely to do pass on the Infinity War script.
Adding: every piece of dialogue on the plane on the way to the boat and then on the boat. Gold. All of it.
Loved that Smithsonian line at the time, and would agree that the dialogue to/on boat was terrific. In fact this movie delivers as good a Widow as we've seen (IMO) Also kudos to writers for NOT making the Cap / Widow relationship a romantic one when that would have been an easy path ...

Will also say the action scenes - particularly the boat and Fury car attack were MUCH more brutal and visceral than we've seen from Marvel to date ... hope that carries over to the Infinity films which could have a "World War II in Space" feeling
I have no complaints. I find CA:tWS more re-watchable than Avengers, personally. And they had the best characterization of Natasha. I think the dialogue was great, maybe not as funny as Avengers, but there were some great one liners. No one mentioned "Bye, bye bikinis" "yeah, I bet you look terrible in them now". Joe and Anthony Russo did an amazing job, and their fight sequences are much more enjoyable to watch than Joss' i.e. the scene between Steve and Bucky in the middle of the street vs Thor and Loki fighting on top of Stark Tower. Avengers has been coming on FX a lot, and I've been noticing just how much CGI is used. Plus, this gives Joss time to work on original projects and it in no way means he's not involved with the MCU anymore.
"I do what he does, just slower."
I like Avengers (slightly) more than The Winter Soldier, yet I find myself re-watching Winter Soldier more (the fight scenes were fantastic, although the final act was an unnecessary CGI fest). I'll third (fourth?) the vote for the dialogue at the beginning of the movie.
-"Secure the engine room, then find me a date."
-"I'm multitasking!"

The movie didn't have the same touch as Joss's dialogue in Avengers, but there were still plenty of highlights, as evidenced by the quote-fest going on above.
This makes me happy, because Winter Soldier was the best Marvel movie after The Avengers. Even my husband, who pretty much watches them with me to indulge me was blown away by Winter Soldier. Not to mention they managed to get Cap right, especially with what he can do ability wise as well as personality wise.

I still hope he does a script pass too though.

(And I thought Joss had a hand in First Avenger even though it was uncredited.)
I'm also in the camp that's relieved that Joss is now free to work on his own projects. As much as I liked the Avengers, I still prefer Cabin in the Woods to it. I prefer his original work (original story and characters) over his Marvel work. While I'm sure he's not completely out of the Marvel universe-- I know he'll probably write for Agents of Shield-- I hope he'll either create a new TV show or write/direct a new movie and maybe finish Dr. Horrible 2?
"The air-conditioning is fully functional.."

Because that's a must-have when your vehicle is under duress..

Great line :)

For me this is "best-of-all-possible-worlds" news. Loved Winter Soldier (and Agent Carter even more--didn't know they were involved with that), and am so so SO ready for more of Joss' own/smaller projects. That third paragraph of JSi01's up there makes me very happy.
"Oh I'm sorry. Did I step on your moment?"
I read this storyline a few days ago and immediately thought, "what will Joss do now?" My mind was free flowing with all of the unbegotten stories we wanted following BtVS and AtS (Ripper, Spike movies, etc). I know that proverbial ship has sailed at this point and that Joss has explicitly stated he wants to "create a new universe" but I still keep an ember glowing in my heart for something from the "Buffyverse".

Here endeth the rant...

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