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March 24 2015

Mindy Kaling chooses sides in 14 of pop culture's biggest love triangles. Buffy, Angel, or Spike? Find out which team she's on.

I think maybe she never watched the show. Mainly because with that triangle any fan of the show never says "I think Angel" or "I think Spike". They are committed to their pairing and will fight to the death to defend it.
Besides, Buffy and the Immortal are totes endgame. ;P (PS In my head the Immortal was played by Peter Wingfield, even if he never appeared on screen.)
My biggest disagreemnet with her is abot House of Cards. Frank is evil but Claire is no saint also. They make a perfect couple made in hell.
Eh, I'm in the Angel camp, but don't begrudge those who choose Spike. I can see it. Mindy and I might be a rare breed.
I'm in Spike camp but love Angel too. It 's so hard! Sigh, I guess Mindy didn't ponder Spangel or Spanguffy?

I'm not sure any one ever has to choose ever.
I'm with ninjapigeon. From her response it would seem she wasn't a Buffy watcher.
She makes her choices for odd reasons, some of her choices are made because of who the actor is in real life, not based on the character being asked about (Tom Hanks is the greatest). She decided later that the "Guy from the Walking Dead...Rick Grimes" should be chosen because his character now in the Walking Dead is so I give up on her logic, she is just having fun with it.
I still love her anyway.

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