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March 24 2015

Every argument about Buffy on the Internet, from 1998 until now. A good-natured glimpse at 17 years of passionate nerd debate.

Some great stuff in the comments too.

Yeah, I was gonna add that people should check out the comments. Lots of interesting tales and observations there...
I laughed at some of these. Then I remembered that I frequently have these debates and theories myself. So I decided that if I ever defend Beer Bad things have taken a horrible turn. Although Willow's response to Parker man!
The whole everyone wearing winter/fall clothes all the time despite Buffy taking place in AND BEING FILMED IN Southern California thing always bothered the crap out of me. The comment that Sarah was smaller than most female stunt doubles in Hollywood never occurred to me. And then you can't have just Buffy dressed for Northeast weather to hide the stunt double and have all the other characters dress like they're in Southern California. That would make Buffy look really weird. It all makes now! Thanks Internet!

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*says quietly* I liked Beer Bad. I liked Riley. I liked Dawn. And I liked Kennedy.
Ah, 17 years of fandom. It makes me almost nostalgic.
*says quietly to NYPinTA* Me too! You're not alone :)
I too liked the friendless foursome.
I'm outraged that they didn't comment on Clem's subversion of demon stereotypes. It's a telling omission.
Oh, the comments are wonderful! That Glory limerick- I can't stop laughing. Scared the poor cat.

And I, too, like Beer Bad and Riley and Dawn, and even Bad Eggs. But not Kennedy.
Beer Bad has too many great quotes for me to completely hate it. And the fact that it was a network mandated "message" episode who's message is constantly subverted by Xander is brilliant. If the network's going to interfere you may as well humorously sabotage their efforts.
Okay that was pretty hilarious.
This is great. Love the comments. (Possibly the first time I've ever said that.)
Actually the coat thing makes sense. Here in Southern California, it always cools down at night. It can be 100 during the day but when the sun goes down it gets cold. It's a desert. Since Buffy was always out at night, and filmed at night, she actually would need a coat.
The sheer number of coats is another story, but it was always fun to see them.
I didn't read all the comments but what about 'Xander lied' (Becoming pt 2)? The argument went on for ages on the Buffy newsgroup. I remember there were also debates about whether Buffy deserved her harsh response from the Scoobs after she left and came back in Season 3. Overall it seems like there were many controversial topics in Buffyverse.
Anyone have a clue what the Jenny Calendar and Racebending thing was?
I was expecting something much longer and very pedantic. What a treat! A nice start to a day of working on taxes.

I didn't mind Beer Bad, didn't hate Dawn, thought Riley was fine, but I did find Kennedy irritating.

I too have been enjoying the comments, and even chuckling at a couple of them - so rare! Must finish reading them.

I'm also clueless about the Jenny Calendar thing. Hopefully someone will be able to explain.
I thought Riley was boring.
I liked "Beer Bad".
I liked Dawn.
I liked Kennedy.
And got seriously burned out on the fandom. Not "Buffy", mind you; just the fandom.
I guess the Ms. Calendar thing is that Jenny is Romani and Robia LaMorte isn't. By the way, I just looked her up on Wikipedia and found this:

"LaMorte was picked by the musician Prince to be one of two lead dancers for the music video for "Cream", a single from his 1991 album Diamonds and Pearls.[1] Prince had originally sought identical twins, but chose LaMorte along with another dancer, Lori Elle, because of their similar appearance and the dance chemistry they had with Prince. Elle as "Diamond" and LaMorte as "Pearl" subsequently appeared in the videos for "Cream", "Gett Off", "Strollin'", and the album's title track, as well as on the album's holographic cover itself. LaMorte then toured Europe with Prince, and when he temporarily refused to do any public speaking, she and Elle served as his spokespersons and conducted the main promotional efforts for Diamonds and Pearls."

How random is that?
Why do I feel like singing "I Remember It Well"? :)
Reading the replies does actually make me see certain scenes in a differnt light. Which is interesting.
Ah, memories. So many memories...

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