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March 29 2004

Tales of the Vampires #5 preview. It's out on April 21st, it's the final issue and has a four page preview from a story about a vampire called Angel.

Idly wonders if this will tie in with season 5 somehow.

So far, with a few notable exceptions, I haven't been all that crazy about TotV. Some of the stories take a lot of time to build up, which is fine for a long story, but for a short story it just means there's not much story period. I liked Joss' story about the girl who loved Lord of the Rings. That was a nice little introspective vignette, seeing things through the eyes of a character and understand them and where they came from, and not just the situation they're in. And the Spike and Dru one was a nice little look at what happened just before School Hard.

But I also feel that besides Joss, most of these guys aren't so great in the comic medium. It's a different thing from a TV script in the end and I think you can tell. Jane Espenson probably comes closest after Joss. But too many stories feel like the writer had 5 minutes to spare or something. I missed the one with Dracula in it I must add though.

Still overall they're fun so I'll probably buy this one too. I think the Tales of the Slayers was a bit better. Better artists overall too.
I am dying (excuse the pun) to get my hands on a copy of one of these but as of yet have failed, i think i've said before but i'm here in the uk and not just that but in a rather desolate part of England and theres only one shop miles away from me that stocks comics. the situation is so bad i still havent seen Fray issue 8 yet, have they released the series here in the uk or is it just stateside at the moment?
I like TotV. My favorite story was Stacy, about the girl who loved LOTR. I liked that character so much I based a Buffy RPG character on her (named Tracy and who is smitten with Andrew by the way). I am looking forward to getting the last 3 in the series when this issue comes out.
willowzbitch--You can order them online from Things From Another World,

Has anyone read #4 yet? I'm curious to know what people thought.
thank you so much stakeholder!
Yeah I can never get my hands on Fray. Anyone know where I can order the whole series on the Internet?
You can order Fray from the TFAW link that stakeholder provided.
And Chirp, don't buy the whole series (issues #1-8) in monthly comic book form (pamphlets). All eight issues are collected in a graphic novel that'll probably cost you a lot less than buying the issues individually. It retails for $19.95 US (in stores, plus at the Things From Another World online store that lalaa mentioned), though you could probably find it on sale in some places (it's $13.97 at, you won't find a better deal than that). Also, if you've got the cash, there's a really nice hardcover version of Fray.

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