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March 25 2015

Flash's Jesse L. Martin releases a beautiful gospel cover of the Firefly theme song. This was done to thank Joss for his donation to his Kickstarter for the musical short film, "The Letter Carrier".

That was lovely. Such a wonderful and personal way to thank Joss.
I teared up a bit. And not just because of the beauty of that rendition.
This is really great.
Loved this so much! And didn't know about Jesse's kickstarter, that sounds cool!
That was reallyreally cool
Class. Act.

... so when is the Flash episode where a meta-human has the power to make everyone sing?
That is even better than a box of strawberries! And if you watch the clip for the Kickstarter campaign, it's even more levels of awesome on top of the Firefly thank you. I liked these guys before. Now I love them!
And, Suddenly my Rent and Whedon fandom clashes. Swoon.
Just the idea of someone singing the Firefly theme to say thanks to Joss made me just a tiny bit teary. I didn't even need to listen to it. (Which I can't atm since my work PC doesn't have speakers and I'm supposed to be diligently working...)
There's also something really inspiring about seeing these guys work together, as well as seeing Joss support them. Really turned my day around!
Damn that was nice! Also two of my favorite characters from the show.
Omg I love Jesse L. Martin. He was amazing in Rent. He's one of those celebrities that you feel just has to be an awesome person. This is so sweet. And go Joss!
Damn. The Music Meister better show up on The Flash. We need Martin to burst out into song and soon!
That was really great. Cool to see how close the Flash actors are, and what a moving rendition of the song!
Chills and tears of AWESOME!
This made my morning! Definitely time for a Flash musical episode (Grant Gustin also has a good set of pipes). Maybe they can get Joss to write it? In his spare time, of course.
Huh. Didn't realize until this moment that every hair on my body could simultaneously stand on end. Curious.
Indeed a great way to start the morning.

I mean, cool. Not suggest an dancing demon intervention.
Wow, that is incredible.
That was beyond AWESOME!! Never expected that!!
Would pinning this to the front page be appropriate ?
I watched it at work. I work with a bunch of geeks so there was applause. Wonderful.

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