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March 26 2015

The Royal Shakespeare Company names a few favourite things they'd like to see brought back. A certain short-lived sci-fi space western makes the list.

Wow - mind blown.
Fox would have canceled Shakespeare's work, too.

With Skin they did, kinda-sorta.
Kinda-sorta. They would have sent the Bard, himself, packing. It's what (Faux) royalty does.
When I first got hooked on Buffy I used to tell my friends that it was very Shakespearean. After all Shakespeare is filled with witches and ghosts and demons. So I wasn't a bit surprised to see Joss taking on the Bard. How wonderful to see that the RSC, appreciates our home-grown creative genius.
RSC…I love you.
I hope Joss is listening.

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