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March 27 2015

(SPOILER) How Joss Whedon brought Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to the Avengers franchise. A nice piece from BuzzFeed which includes an exclusive video about the twins. A lot of new details about these characters and a few scenes they're in.

I have been eager for the new Avengers but this makes me excited too.
I'm trying to calculate how long I am actually willing to wait in line on opening day to see this movie. This interview just added another 30-60 minutes.
Two of my favorite Avengers ever from my comic days, so thrilled to see them on the big screen. More importantly, Joss seems to "get" them, so I'm confident that they'll show well and hopefully be a fixture in Avengers movies going forward
I'm also struggling with the dilemma of how long I plan to wait in line. Though I almost feel like I've been in line for the past 2 and a half years.
Good read.
Yeah, more theaters should offer assigned seating for at least one screen. It saves superfans from having to camp out for hours. But outside of LA I rarely see that. Also, I loved Taylor-Johnson in Kick-Ass.
I bought my tickets already. No lines for me. My seats are reserved.
Tickets bought, with numbered seats. Lines only for the popcorn.
No lines for me, either. I have my tickets for the first Thursday non-3D show on April 30. I'll get there earlyish, though my son and his GF are always late for things.

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Almost created an unnecessary new post, when the original info comes from this article.

Excited that the movie is 142 minutes long. I am excited enough that I already bought tickets for 2 different viewings for the several that I plan to do once it opens.

After last night's Agents of SHIELD, starting to wonder how the TV show might tie-into the movie (or vice-versa), especially considering how early a lot of major International Markets (including my own) will get the movie. My first viewing will be at 8pm on April 22nd.
Interesting how Danny Elfman's "additional music" credit got upgraded to co-composer alongside Brian Tyler.

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