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March 28 2015

(SPOILER) Declassifying 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.': Melinda. Episode synopsis and information about S2x17, "Melinda."

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More Dichen! Woo!
I have to admit that I am rather hesitant about this episode...the Bahrain mission that earned May her "Cavalry" nickname and traumatized her has been this huge elephant in the room for the last 1.5 seasons, and I have to wonder: will any explanation really satisfy the mystery?

I mean, she's supposed to be a near or full equal to the Black Widow, so I've always figured Bahrain was an epic fustercluck where some nasty stuff went down that would need a hard R level of presentation to represent effectively because what would be necessary to shake an agent of May's calibre. Prime time TV on a Tuesday, on a major basic cable network? Some punches would need to be pulled IMO.
I don't think you need an R rating to deeply rattle May. Just very high stakes and significant failure.

But I agree that they're risking the reveal not living up the anticipation they've built up so far.
Concerned that they're offing her, with a title like that. But...that'd be too obvious/they wouldn't potentially tip their hand like that ?

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