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March 29 2004

Scooby Doo 2 is good but Simpson's are cool. SMG talks about how fun doing the Simpson's was.

i remember people talking about how the simpsons producers were talking bad about SMG saying they wouldnt invite her back or some other BS.........i think this clears it up, i mean, if they were cool enough to send her an autographed script then i doubt they said those things......i never believed they would have, but there were still those reports.
"Scooby Doo 2 is "kind of like volcanology""

The study of vulcans? ;)
Surely it would be a 'word' game, not a 'world' game...?
And isn't it "Sarah" not Sara?
The "Sara" referred to the person doing the interview not SMG.
Were my wife and I the only ones disappointed that there were no Buffy references at all (that we could tell of) on the Simpsons episode?

Just a throwaway line would have been nice...
Has anyone noticed how SMG seems to be talking about anything BUT Scooby Doo 2 in the publicity for the film? Simpsons guest voice! Blowfish sashimi! It must be awkward to do press when you're less than thrilled with the product you have to sell. I'm not complaining. It was much more interesting to hear her talk about Japan and bring Ellen deGeneres a huge bottle of sake because she seemed really excited about experiencing a different culture. What can you really say about a computer generated canine?
The character SMG voiced in The Simpsons seemed kind of like a BtVS reference in herself--or maybe a Fuffy reference, since "Gina" had dark hair. She was tough and isolated from friends and family, but very handy with her fists!
BTW - the offically revised box office numbers are now out and SD2 did not hit 30 million after all but they almost made it with $29,438,331 in actual box office reciepts. Also Sunday viewing had a 36% drop from Saturday which thankfully was up 49% from the number of people going to see it Friday.

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